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will eatingfor 1 day shock my body into losing weight again???


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Give it another week before breaking your diet as it could be the catalyst to set you off eating.

If you are not losing weight you are bound to be coming down in inches and I have never seen anyone go three weeks on Lipotrim without losing.

Talk to your pharmacy as they might want you to refeed once your BMI hits 25.

Best to plan your next move well in advance to avoid any pitfalls as a well thought out refeed plan will work best in the long run for your success.
thanku for tht.. yeh ill just keep goin.its reallli disheartening when ive stuck to it and im not losin anymore. maybe im just at the weight im ment to be.ive decided im goin o do refeed from my next weigh in.. theres no point me stayin on it and not losin weight. thanku mini. x


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How far are you in terms of BMI? It could be that you are getting so close a TFR might not be the best way for you to lose your last bit of weight. A lot of people find they slow down when they approach a healthy weight.
hiya i think my bmi is on the verge of 25.. its 25. something. i think my lipotrim journey is very close to an end and its time to refeed. ive now decided tht at my next weigh in im goin to start refeed and see how i get on.. theres no point me payin 36pounds a week now just to stay the same.. i may aswel eat with the family at dinner times. x

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Have a chat with the pharmacist about it. If you have been 100% then it may just be your body's way of telling you it needs a change of direction. A careful refeed and healthy eating may knock off the last bit for you.


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I'm in a similar situation as you, I'd not lost in two weeks (as of my weigh in last weds), so after some thought, I decided to refeed.
I've been having shake for breakfast, a soup at lunchtime and a small meal in the evening.
I don't expect to have lost (in fact on checking scales today I have stayed the same), but come Weds, I may well start back on TFR.

You are so close, and I know how it feels. My goal is 10stone which is 5 measly pounds away and its getting on my nerves that Ican't reach it!

But I was getting so fixated on the lbs, when in reality, I won't look any different even if I do lose those 5lbs! (Heck, it took over 2 stone for anyone to even notice I'd lose weight, lol)

Good luck with the refeed! I'm sure the final few lbs will drop off when your body settles out a bit.

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