Will I ever reach ketosis?

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  1. PoisonDonna

    PoisonDonna Member

    Hi there, I'm new so sorry if this is wrong!

    I started the Atkins at the start of the week, bought the book and plenty of eggs, meat etc.
    It's now saturday (so 5 days) and I'm not noticing anything. I haven't lost a pound (so not even water weight...)

    I wonder if I'm doing it wrong, the main thing I can think of is I was a bit selective with my veggies, I'm fussy really.

    An example of my days food would be:
    Breakfast: Plain 2 egg omelette
    Lunch: Chicken salad
    Dinner: Turkey and veg (veg being a carrot and a handful of chopped sugarsnap peas and green beans, possibly babycorn.)

    Snacks might be cheese or peanuts (I later found out these weren't allowed during induction so stopped that, I mustn't have read right first time around).

    I know those veg aren't on the list so not sure if that's why... It's either meat and those veg for tea or a big salad with meat. Tonight is homemade burgers and salad.

    I just wanna know if I can eventually reach it (I'm impatient) because it's the weekend and I have the feeling I might give up; I had a forkful of baked beans this morning :(

    I'm drinking LOADS of water, maybe about 3L a day...

    Any help or just some words of encouragement or ideas where I'm going wrong would be great, I don't want to give up if I might reach it, but don't want to carry on if I won't!

    I like this way of eating because I'm literally never hungry, but evenings are my downfall, I usually snack all evening and I was a sugar addict! Atkins has really opened my eyes to how much carbs is in so much food! :eek:
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  3. cah-ching

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    carrots, peas, baby sweetcorn?

    Just try cauliflower, spinach and or broccolli - better than the above as they have much less carbs.

    As for the salad - what constitutes the salad other than the turkey?
  4. *AnnaMaria*

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    Cah ching is right, you are eating all the wrong foods there! If you go to the stickies, it tells you exactly what you can have on induction. DO NOT deviate at all, even a fork full of beans :) Then after induction, you begin to add things like nuts, one at a time, to monitor your losses. In the salad, you can pretty much only have a handful of lettuce at this stage. Good luck with it :)
  5. PoisonDonna

    PoisonDonna Member

    Thanks guys. Salad usually consists of a leaf or two of iceburg lettuce, about an inch of cucumber, a stick of celery, a bit of pepper, maybe some spinach if I have some in, and I've started adding a boiled egg chopped up to make it more filling.
    Well I didn't deviate after the beans, after feeling crap yesterday morning, and today I've magically lost 3 pounds, I'm thinking it's because I'm on period week, maybe that was affecting me too. I'm going to Asda today, they didn't have brocolli last time but they should do at this time of the day. I have read the stickies and the vegetable list but I've never tried many of the veg there so not sure about any of it. Some googleing required maybe. I'll get some brocolli and cualiflower in for the mean time, thans guys.
  6. Jim

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    Hi Donna, go to the stickies at the top of this Atkins forum, I posted a list of the allowed food on induction. It's called "So your thinking of starting Atkins". That will give you a start on what you should eat on induction. Welcome!. :)
  7. PoisonDonna

    PoisonDonna Member

    Thanks everyone.
    Bought some kale yesterday and found out I do like that :) had kale, brocolli and cauliflower with chicken for tea last night.

    Feeling better too, the weekend seemed much harder than the week!
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