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Will I get flabby skin ?

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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A lot depends on how long you have been large, genetics, age,etc.

ANytime we lose a large amount there is risk. Most of us who were sort of 16 stone or larger seem to have some issues - I was 20 stone, and have more then I want.

Toning along the way should help- swimming seems to be a good choice as it uses all muscle groups. Firming creams are out there, but I am dubious of their success rate.

Bio-oil will help with stretch marks, but not much for shringking skin.

It is supposed to take many months after a loss for skin to return as much as it will, so be prepared to live with it for awhile, hoping for the best.

I am 7 months post diet, and still have a problem. In fact, in some ways it is worse then when the diet ended.

When I can afford it, I will have surgery, as I don;t think mine will go to a satisfactory level....I was obese for 25 years. Thats a lot to ask of my skin, to shrink back after all those years.

Lots to consider. Good luck to you! :)



Making it all add up
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in my experience you'll have plenty of 'spare' skin but not too flabby. I was 20st 6lb at start and only 5' 9" and have lost 8st (near enough). No 'flabby' bits but belly wrinkles when I tighten it. Neck has lose skin (which I can pull out to Gross-out my daughter) but otherwise pretty pleased.


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I've only been on the programme for 8 weeks now and I can definitely see that my skin looks emptier if you know what I mean. Also my stretch marks are much more visible and look very crinkled and crepey. However 8 weeks obviously isn't long enough for my skin to shrink back so I'm going to applying the body oil/lotions and hoping that it'll look better with time.

I'm pretty sure I read ages ago somewhere that low impact exercises can help - pilates/yoga/swimming etc because they strengthen the tiny muscles under the skin which help pull the skin in and make it look better. Basically it's providing a bette framework for the skin to sit on. I don't know how true that is though but it certainly won't do any harm and may help you lose more weight.


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I got told that drinking plenty of water helps with flabby skin. Only been on the plan a week so no such joy of spare skin for me yet!!!

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