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will i still lose weight ?

hey ppl yest i left my shakes too late so i had to take 2 together at 7pm .. will this affect weight loss . i weighted myself today and not seen much of diff , this is 2nd week , got me down a bit i know i'm in totm too .. i cant help but weigh myself alot i know i need to stop it but i cant
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i am sure as a one off it wont be to bad but i wouldnt make a habit of it. dont worry about not seeing a difference, on week 3 i stayed around the same till a couple of nights before weigh in and dropped 4 pound. if you are being 100% then you will defo have a loss. good luck x


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Exactly. A one off won't make any noticable difference, if at all. Don't let it bother you one bit... :)

I personally weigh myself most days, and I don't feel it's a problem. What you need to be very aware of though, is how much your weight varies throughout the course of the day and also how things like totm can affect it. If you're going to compare acurately then you must only count the readings that are taken under consistent conditions. I weigh myself first thing in the morning, after going to the loo but before I have anything to drink, and just in my pants (even different pairs of pjs can weigh differently!). Any other time/conditions and it can vary by 4 or 5 pounds! :eek:

As long as you're going down each weekly weigh-in, there's no problem.
Take care, Mx
dont worry! this happened to me too in week three, i was ill but didnt want to skip a meal and i ended up having one at 8pm and one at 10 pm. didnt affect my weight loss afaik, it happens! and there is alot worse you could have done- your still 100% :) xxx