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Will it get easier?

Hello, I'm new to this and not very sure as to where i should be posting things?
I started lipotrim 4 days ago and hoping to last at least 6/7 months. At the moment it feels like too much of a struggle seeing everyone else tuck into chinese's and chip's. It's torture, however I've made it 4 days without eating a single thing, very proud! Does it get easier :cry:? x
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h juju, yes i promise it does get easier.. you will still have your bad days but hopefully you will be strong enough to get through them, and we`r always here for extra support...
i know what you mean about the food tho, im on day 8 and took my kids to burger king for a treat today, while they tucked into there deliciously smelling chicken royale i sat there with my botle of water..... but iv lost 9lb in my 1st week, so the upside of this diet is how quick it comes off, and the feeling of satisfaction i got when i got back in my car knowing id been 100% was great.....good luck hun xx
Aw thanks ladies, it's nice to have that extra support :)
You're all doing really well, it's great inspiration to keep me going x
It gets much easier. I'm on day 60 now.

Finally got into a pair of 34" jeans today. That's 4"s off my waist and 1 1/2" off my neck and over 6" off my chest!!!

Lost a total of nearly 50lbs. You don't even notice food at this stage.

Keep it up.
Hey Jujuberrrry,

Im only on day 2 so havnt got much experience to help but i advise lots of water because as im sure your aware it helps! Keep it up though as your doing so well and dont give in!!!!

Thanks Dan :)
Captjames - That's amazing, well done you!
I'd like to last a good few months, I plan on coming off on the 22nd of December, if I can last that long at the moment I'm just taking each day as it comes because I
Didn't realise how hard it would be. I think ketosis has finally kicked in so that's good. Thanks for the support guys, it's my first weigh in tomorrow x
hello Jujuberrrry,
I am on day 4 of cambridge SS, I can honestly say I have not felt hungary once. I think the key to it is drinking lots of water....Just think of all the exercise you get going to the toilet every 15 mins.
The problem I have is thinking of food and how easy it would be if I just popped someting into my mouth (if no one see's its not cheating right!!! ;-)
I find brushing my teeth when im thinking naughty food thoughts help to banish the craving, also found this forum such a good distraction.
Good luck x
Haha thank you Kezza, I must go to the loo about 20+ times a day. This site really helps, so many supportive people. I have the app on my phone so I can just read up on things when I'm feeling hungry. Is your diet just milkshakes too? You're doing well :-D Keep it up.
Aww thanks m'lovely, I'm so nervous x
I lost 11 pounds, I'm so happy :)
Thanks guys xx
Aww thanks everyone, it means a lot :)!!
I just hope I can stick to it xx

I started lipotrim 4 days ago and was struggling until I read all your comments and it's spurred me on again :) think it's because my fiancé ordered take away.... :)
Cbondy- Well done you for making it to the end of your 4th day! I know, it's tough when all you can smell is delicious food. But stick with it, it may be hard but it most certainly will be worth it :-D x
This site really does help, so many supportive people :)
Aw thanks x

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