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Will too much water affect loss?


Fat Hunter!
Best thing to do is stick to what LT advise which is between 2 to 4 litres, I think anything over that isn't good but if you are drinking 4 litres already that's a hell of a lot of water! If you are confused then certainly ringing the LT helpline may be the next best bet, but for sure do not drink too little!
I'm averaging around 3ltrs over a full day from get up to pass out but I've just seen posts that confused me! Ill ask my pharmacist at my weigh in on Thursday :) thanks for the advice lovely xxx


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I don't think water can affect your loss at all, I try to drink as much as possible...I have a 350ml with my shakes a d go through a 2litre bottle of water at work, then prob drink another litre or so at home....this doesn't include my teas/ coffees. I lost 10lb in my first week last time. I literally Cain the h20 haha
I've been the same I'm terrified of getting constipated haha it's madness!! I'm glad you've been drinking loads too think some people are maaaaad! Lol don't need more to deal with :) xxx
4 litres :-O I'm just getting 2 in me lol I keep wretching. It's funning I don't have a problem stuffing my face all day with crap but when it come to constantly drinking water it's killing me lol. I use fibre powder stuff this time round. My last time I was so constipated I was poorly and sick of taking laxatives so fibre stuff is going in every shake :) let me know if you find out abut too much water. Not that I will ever get there x
Thank you very much, there are a few forums on here that say too much water has been to blame but obviously people have been a bit naughty?! I will keep drinking as much as I like in that case! I think drinking so much has kept me sane to be honest I'm on day 5 now and I've only really had a mild headache and I think it's down to my intake! :) thanks for all the advice guys I shall just ignore the other people...the ketones have addled their brains haha xxx


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When I did lipotrim the first time round I was drinking 5liter of water because I was so thirsty and yes it did keep me out of ketosis as I was 100%

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