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will you or wont you ...


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I will. My husband doesn't know how much I weighed at the start.

I think he might start to guess though as I have to lose nearly his entire weight!
I've got a running bet with my H2B, I am trying to get to his weight - when that day comes I will be so so pleased! BUT the goal posts keep moving, he was 10 stone 12 this morning - how on earth am I going to get to be that light? grr.

I told him how much I weighed at the start of this diet because I want him to encourage me to lose more, and he's very supportive. My reasoning is, I hope (unless I get preggers) that I will never be this weight again.... so it's no shame in him knowing my start weight.
yes but its weird I only tell people that are big what my weight was when I started! I wouldn't dare tell any of my skinny friends , my closest friends know round about what I weighed as they can obviously work it out as I tell them what I weigh now and how much I have lost lol! My oh kind of knows but he was never bothered by my size as he has seen me fat/slim so he has known the whole time !


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I definately will..... and he wont beleive me lol he always says your not a size 18.... and buys me size 14 clothes - bless him


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i tell everyone because i am so proud that i am 5st lighter than that now. i enjoy watching their faces as they say "you never were 22st?!?!?" :p


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Love your 100% ticker lil'gem lol


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Thanks Tif. My aim is to get to double figures without cheating at first and then it will be to get into the 20s, 30s, etc etc. Need something to keep me motivated!!! x


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I told EVERYONE from about 2 weeks in, and the reason for that is i have sub consciously vowed never to be that big again. My husband wasnt that bothered, he said it was just a number (which it is) But by embarrassing myself by telling everyone I CANNOT GO BACK!!!!

I weigh less than him now............oh the proudness!!!! lol


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I never did on any other diet until this one, and he said (I think it was flattering) that I must be made of lead because no way do I look that heavy!

And he's being really great at the mo, he has joined me in 'pre holiday' challenge, he's on the X-trainer loosing inches whilst I'm CD-ing loosing weight and inches, and the person who looses the most percentage get to drink over Christmas whilst the other drives (long way off, and I'll defo be thin and drinking sensibly by then)


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