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I'll join you! It's been painful not being able to let it out as I've been visiting in laws.
Too much tea hasn't helpful either.
Lots of water should help.
hiya everyone, 1/3 of your plate on veg or salad and fruit, but its giving me a smelly problem and noisy, i could play a tune as i walk lol anyone want to join my band.:kissass::kissass::kissass::kissass:
You have what my hubby calls "custard wellies" :rotflmao:-Im lucky because I have always eaten masses of fruit n veg and have the constitution of a donkey -hubby however is all guns blazing every time he is away from home for a day and has to eat "processed" stuff -then he comes home to everything fresh and cooked from scratch and his system has to adjust :sign0137:


Always comes back to MMs!
Ha ha, always a fan of these threads... Prrrrrrrrp!


Now to maintain.....
oh yes i could join you!! very windy!!!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I could fly a kite ;)
good lord

smelly tomatoes lol

well i aint eaten any whole cauliflowers for a while so no cauliflower fluffs from me.

Am i evil ?? cause i used to giggle secretly when i dropped one and watched everyones face scrunch up and say " can you smell that its awful"

and to which i would reply its certainly not me and if it was i wouldnt own up to it!!


One day at a time
Hubby has same problem since joining SW. Practically sent himself into orbit the other night.

He's just grateful that he works with power tools at work and can cover the noise!
Loving this thread - it's such base humour that it applies to the naughty schoolboy in me! And yes, I've hardly stopped trumping since I joined SW 6 weeks ago! I'm a human whoopee cushion :D:D:D!

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