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Winter weightloss goals

Well winter is definitely upon us and I know that this is always the time of year I find it most difficult to lose weight.

But whatever I manage will be ok with me. My goal is to be less than I start and a general aim of 8lb, by the end of February/March lol.
I will weigh myself tomorrow for my proper starting weight.

Jacqui - sw 100.8kg - 95kg - (100.1kg) 5.1kg to go - 30/3/11
Kathryn - sw 14st 1lb - 13st 8lb - TARGET MET - 31/3/11
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Hmmm I shall go for 7lbs cause it will be over 3 months

Starting weight I'll just take as my last "offical" weigh in on Sunday which was 14st 1lb. So I'm aiming for 13st 8lbs :)
I've started with 2lbs on. So now i need to lose 9lbs!

I wish it would either snow properly (cause snow I can walk on) or melt!!!!
I know it has been horrible this week. I know loads of people that have been snowed in and not able to go out at all
I am not doing badly so far I think. I am just really struggling to actually complete any day fully on track. But we will see. Ladies week is here at the mo so my appitite is on over drive anyway.

You will get that off no worries
Not so much snow here (booooo cause I like snow and honestly I have no problem walking around in it) but it's all frozen over so I'm a bit reluctant to walk down my lane in the pitch black (as there is no street lighting - it's okay once you get to the bottom as it's a main road).

managed to get out today though - just did a bit of walking with little runs in between.
Well I think I have ended up being on self destruct this week food wise. Being off work so having no routine, and lots of things going on due to my dd birthday have not helped the situation. But I have thought long about it and I feel the main reason I have been so off track recently is because I have been trying to do it all on my own again (finance reasons) So I have bitten the bullet and got an appointment booked for next wed with the weight management clinic at my GP's. I am hoping that having someone else keeping an eye on it will give me the strength I need to get my head back into gear. I have looked back over years and the paatern does seem to be that I can do it when I have the physical support from outside but as soon as I go it alone I don't seem to be able to manage it. So this is definitely something I will have to work on.
So I will not be weighing in this week and will us the result from the clinic on Wed as a new start for my winter challenge.
That's why I went to the doctor in the first place. I thought having to give account of myself would help me keep on track (which it did) although I appreciate it's not something that works for everybody
Had an unbrilliant week in general but managed to lose 3lbs (the 2 I had put on last week and 1 for extra measure).

So a bit more positive this week! 4lbs go!
Hey well done that is a brill result. It shows that even with a week that is not brill you can still do enough.

I will let you know on Wed how I get on with the nurse
Good luck Jacqui. I've got the doctors tomorrow but I think he'll be happy with 5lbs over 2 months
Well I am off for my appointment in a mo. Seems sily but I am anxious about it. I think it is cos I know that I have gained quite a bit since the last time I weighed in with the Dr, but I know I am doing the right thing so will post afterwards
Good luck Jacqui. I had a pretty poor showing at the doctor (he said 1kg I thought it would be 2kg but he was still okay with it). :)
hey it is better than nothing.

I was mortified. I am very nearly the heaviest I have ever been again. We had a good chat though and I am going to try and not gain over Christmas and then really start losing in the new year. And she is happy for me to go back onto Xenical properly again so I will be starting them on Mon after I have picked up the prescription.

So I am going to do this as a total restart. She weighs me in kilos so that is what I am going to stick with here as well.


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Hi Jacqui, I'm also with my doctor on a programme, which they have in conjunction with the local council a "healthy lifestyle" programme. This consists of a 10 week course, a bit like WW meetings, but also, you are classed as a "GP referral", which means you get the gym and swimming facilities at a much lower price than if you just walked in off the street.

Any discounts in this current climate is certainly welcome in my book! Perhaps ask your doctor if they do anything like this in your area?

Glad your nurses appointment went well Jacqui. Hopefully it will be the encouragement you need to get restarted :D

I've had a STS the same this week (well 1/2 a lb but you can't really count those :p)
Hey that is ok. Never say you can't count half pounds. If you lost half a pound a week consistantly for a year you would lose 26lb and I know that for me I would have loved to have lost that in the last year.

I have seemed to be ok so far this week, I am not sure whether to weigh in at home weekly as I am only seeing the nurse monthly or whether to just ride it out and do nothing on the scales apart from when I see her.
I'm a total serial weighter anyway. I couldn't wait for the doctors appointment!! But that's just me

I managed to lose weight over Christmas how cool is that. Another 0.5kg off.

I have also bought some exercise stuff with money I had for Christmas so when they arrive I will be complimenting my eating with some extra exercise.

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