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wish me luck!

Hi there
On Sunday I will be attempting the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge -
Nearly 25 miles up 3 Peaks in Yorkshire which has to be done in 12 hours.

Before LL I would never have even thought about attempting to do something like this - I would have sat on the sidelines, sponsored my friends and felt really cross at myself for not being able to take part.

I hate walking up hills - so am actually wondering what on earth I have let myself in for . I am getting a bit nervous about it - I'm praying I'm not the slowest one doing it and that I can actually complete it, and within time too.

Whatever happens tho, I am really grateful that I did LL and that I am this time actually being part of it, rather than just supporting others.

If you are just starting LL its worth thinking ahead to the time you will be at your goal weight and how much things will change for you - just look at roundrachels recent post about her trip to Oz!

who knows what will be next on my list of things to do now I am slim!?!

I'm walking to raise money to help my friend's baby - details on the website.If anyone has a couple of pounds spare all donations are gratefully received towards 'Harry's 3 peak challenge' and will spur me on even more to the finish line on Sunday!

(the link to the justgiving page is in my signature.)

Keep your fingers crossed for me

Daisy x
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wow Daisy what a challenge you are setting yourself - isn't it fantastic that you are now able to contemplate it.
Best of luck for the weekend - will look forward to hearing how you get on


Happy in my own skin
Good luck Daisy.......you will feel amazing when it's done I'm sure.

Wish me luck too, this weekend I'm doing the Edinburgh 10k. This is exactly one year and one week after starting LL. Never for one minute did I think this time last year that I'd be competing in a 10k now.

For those just starting.......anything is possible. Good luck all!
Brilliant challenge Daisy! Just think how toned your bum will be afterwards from walking up those hills!
I'm doing a 10k in Manchester on 16th May. And hoping to do the London Marathon next year! All down too LL and not being held back by being overweight any more! xx


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3 peaks, 10k events, it seems like a different world. It is so inspirational to see these posts. There are people at work doing all these things, and this post has givne me the inspiration to believe that actually maybe one day, I could join in to.
I hope you are both successful. Good luck :)


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Wow u guys are great!! I'm contemplating going swimming next week lol
Nicki, you'll be doing it all in no time I'm sure. I used to read posts for inspiration when I was super morbidly obese and struggling to walk to the end of the road...and now, I feel I have been given a new life.
Stick at it and it'll be more than worth it in the end. It feels so good to be able to run (let alone wear lycra in public!)
good luck to you guys i your challenges too!

melarnz - who knows maybe this time next year you will be swimming the english channel! - nothing is impossible, lol!

daisy x
well, training over....we're off up to yorkshire in a couple of hours to stay overnight before the big walk tomorrow.

think we might be needing our waterproofs unfortunately, but hopefully it won't rain all day!

have a good bank holiday weeknd folks

daisy x


Playing the Angel
Wishing you the best of luck Daisy - not that you need it, you will be a total star!!! I am soooooooo impressed with you :) Can't wait to hear how it all goes.

Ooooh Daisy. I do admire you.
I could NEVER do that.
I'm sure you'll do it. xx


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Hope it went really well for you Daisy, and hope you're having a nice hot bath with a big glass of wine right now :)

Funny how many of us have entered events we would never have considered before - I have just signed up to cycle 400k across Kenya for Women V Cancer next year :eek:


Happy in my own skin
Well I did it!

Hope you managed your challenge ok Daisy and had a fun time.....:)
well done Morticia! I'm doing the Manchester 10k 2 weeks today. Been in bed all weekend with a horrible cold though so preparation isn't going great. I'm hoping just to make it round without stopping rather than going for a personal best!
Hope you're getting on ok Daisy and the weather is being nice to you xx
Congratulations to all you fit, energetic, active ladies.................
I am in awe of you.


Happy in my own skin
Awww, thank you so much everyone. I could never have done it pre-LL. My life has changed so much for the better and I can't thank LL enough.

Good luck Rachel with your 10k, though I'm sure with your level of fitness you don't need it. That hell runner looks awesome but bloody difficult.....you go girl!

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