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    Today is day 1 of my Dukan diet. In total I am aiming to lose 24 pounds. This would get me back a weight I am comfortable with, although still much higher than the recommended BMI.

    I have previously had success with Aktins diet, but the thought of all that fatty food makes me feel sick. I know carbs are my enemy and so thought Dukan might work better for me.

    I have had the most horrendous headache since about lunch this as a result of something Dukan related? I have had to take pain killers, are these ok?

    here is my days menu;

    B:2x scrambled eggs
    L: 2x turkeys rashers and 0% greek yoghurt
    D: 2x chicken breasts made to be chicken nuggets with the oatbran, egg white and a little milk.

    I have also completed 30 mins walking with dog and drunk 2litres of water.

    I feel like I have eaten loads! What do you all think?

    I found getting the family meal ready very difficult, anyone got any tips how to overcome this temptation?
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    Hi.... Welcome on board

    your menu looks fine & you've done water walk & oatbran the golden 3 :) well done...

    perhaps your headache was the lack of carbs & just your body adjusting because you've drunk loads of water..

    you will get used to the family meals I promise. Once the weight starts falling off you will be glad not to be eating normal stuff cos you will be so motivated... (It was easy for me today because the kids actually asked could they have some of my chicken & veg soup!!) but they do ask mummy is that all you're having? Just mince and onions!! Ha ha

    i used to find it lonely cos I'd make my food after everyone else but just think of the end goal. It's your journey, your success, your mission to feel happy about yourself again & if that means eating differently short term then it's worth it!!

    have never done Atkins before, just dukan & slimming world so can't compare..

    The first week is the hardest then cravings disappear apart from the odd one..

    set up a diary on here too, that's where most of my feedback comes from

    good luck & well done & keep posting!!

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    Self devised
    I would actually say you could eat a lot more! 2 x turkey rashers... that doesn't sound a lot to eat for lunch! In the book, he plans out some meals, using starter main and dessert; check out some of those to give yourself some ideas. Packaged hams etc are useful in a crisis but won't fill you up or keep boredom away in the long term.

    Cooking for others: how about popping a sugar free sweet in your mouth while preparing (if you're worried about picking...) and/or having a snack yourself immediately prior to starting to prepare their meal. Our recipe thread will give you some ideas for PP snacks (like mini quiches, for instance).

    Also although your chicken nuggets were a good idea, you might find that using your oatbran for muffins/cakes/bread etc for breakfast gives you more options to keep your eggs for later in the day. Totally up to you of course.

    And my favourite tip for evening munchies is to have some sugar free yoghurts in the freezer... they take ages to eat and taste like sorbet!


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