Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas


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Have a wonderful Christmas too Carolyne.
Thanks to you for your support. You are a star... and so is everyone here. I love you all to bits.. :)

Merry Christmas MiniMinners ! xxxxx


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Hey CG right back at you! Happy Happy every one!


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Thank you
happy Christmas to you
and to all on minis :)

H xx

Devon Dolce

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Have a Merry Christmas everyone! xxxx


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Have a very happy Christmas to all and their famlies.



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Have a wonderful Christmas everyone :D


Lover of Extra Easy
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and a Happy Christmas to you too!


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Merry Christmas and thank you

This Christmas, I'm celebrating at the weight I have wanted to be all my adult life. I could never have managed this without all the support and good advice from the Wise Women - and Men - of Minimins. Thank you all so much for making my dream come true.

Merry Christmas and here's to a great 2010



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And Merry Christmas to you too.



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MERRY XMAS!! My first christmas at target!! (not for long, haha.. i havnt stopped eating these last 3 days :O lol)

Wouldnt be here without you guys.

Wishing you all the best christmas ever.