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With apologies to the Ladies - I think Lighter Life has turned me into a woman!


Making it all add up
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I know, that's an unusual title, but I have to confess.

When I started LL on 2 January I said I was not going to buy any clothes until I reached my goal weight, and apart from a few pairs of cheap trousers I stuck to my guns.

Well the day came on saturday for some serious shopping as I had literally thrown out EVERYTHING I own, so into Birmingham we tripped.

Now as a typical bloke, my idea of shopping is as fast as possible, see something, buy it and get out. Pre LL it was a case of find something that looks like it might fit, buy it and get out.

Well we spent 8 hours in the shops on Saturday, and I'm sorry to confess I actually enjoyed it:eek::eek::eek::cool:

Never thought I'd see the day!

Also had a funny moment in M&S looking for trousers. I got quite frustrated as there were only 2 pairs in the shop of my size (in style I liked), until I remembered that I'm no longer a 44/46 waist but now a 34" waist and suddenly the whole store opened out in front of me. A REVELATION.

So bought loads including a new suit for work (40" chest - unreal)!! summer shorts, a casual jacket, T shirts, etc etc all in super smaller sizes.

Oh, but the best bit was the outdoor jacket I bought, the medium was too big & I am now the proud and shocked owner of a SMALL!!!

Rock on Lighter Life. 100% new clothes and I've no intention of outgrowing them.

Sorry Ladies for the flippant title, but I hope you'll forgive me ;)
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I Can Do This!
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:8855:Sean - I think that most of us who have been severely limited in shopping choice would feel the same way you did!

I know I hate shopping and only venture in at the last moment and buy the first thing I see that would fit.

But - I too had a bit of a revelation when shopping for a wedding outfit. I can actually consistently fit into size 18s - and loads of shops go up to an 18! I entered shops I have never considered before. A whole new world. Mind you, I didn't enjoy the experience as I wasn't happy with the choices. I think it was partly a fear of all the photos I would be required to appear on. My phobia of photos has not yet changed.

I am looking forward to more casual shopping for summer clothes in a month or so though :D.


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I'm so chuffed for you Sean! Well done again :) xx


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waaay haaay!!!!!

shopping is fantastic

bet you aren't looking forward to when you get your credit card statement next month!

glad you had a good time
daisy x
Fabulous, it's a great feeling
I remember when there were some shops I wouldn't go in because the gaps between the rails were too small let alone the clothes,
Now I'm a spendaholic - maxing out the cards,
Bit of sunshine is an excuse for buying summer clothes. Lovely to know you can buy off the peg without trying everything on first.

Well done Sean, and many more shopping trips, makes it all worth while. You'll be super trendy and the height of fashion.


Is back in the saddle!
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Will YOU go and do mine now? 'Course you'll have to try the undies on for fit but I'm sure you'd be fine. You know I hate shopping!!
What would Shania say?

Man - I feel like a woman !!!


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Glad you enjoyed your trip to my home town- I took the bull(ring) by the horns last week and loved it too buying stuff 4 sizes smaller :)


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Well done Sean...you go!!


Making it all add up
S: 20st6lb C: 13st0lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 7st6lb(36.36%)
Thank you one & all - not looking forward to the bill arriving, but have saved some money so should be mostly covered :)

At the end of the day, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I still can't quite believe how enjoyable it was, I might even volunteer to go shopping again (steady now boy).

Also I have had nothing but people stop me these last 2 days as I've been in my new suit at work, and everyone has said what a huge difference it's made to how I look (and shirts that actually fit as well).

One of the most impressive things though was that my daughter has been away for 3 days on a DoE expedition, and I picked her up on Monday in new Jeans & Tshirt, and her first words to me were "Oh My God Dad - just How much weight have you lost?" - I think it's really starting to hit home to everyone what a change LL has made.

Just got to convince myself that I really am who others see!

Oh yes, did I say I bought a SMALL coat?? LOL :)
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lol - shop till you drop! Its nice to see men keeping up with the women!!! I think im going to go around trying loads of clothes on every week once i get to my target and enjoy every minute of it. LL is like a magic formular, the results of weight loss is the best feeling in the world. your looking and obviously feeling great! Hold onto that feeling and you will easily stay the weight you have achieved. Good Luck!

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