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Wobbling rather than CRUISING!


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My first PV day :). I don't think I am going to bother recording my food intake like I did in attack.

Here is my attack summary:

Total loss 6.4 lbs

Day 6 Thursday - 1.6

9.45 am oatbran Galette and 170g total
3 hours
12.45 2 chicken breasts + sugar-free jelly
4.5 hours
5.20 Salmon with a quark and garlic dip
5.40 sugar-free jelly, natural yogurt with sweetener
2.5 hours
8.15 450g nat yog + sweet, 2 x sugar-free jelly (yes, I know that makes 4 today!)

Exercise: 30 mins stepper
Cans of diet soda: 3
Cups of coffee (if use skim milk add 40g dairy per dash): 3 (2 decaff, 1 black)
Mass of Dairy: 900 g

Day 5 Wednesday - 1.0

8 am Oatbran Galette
2.5 hours
10.40 am 100g cottage cheese + prawns
3.5 hours
2.10 pm Chicken breast and lean ham
2.15 pm 170g 0% total + sweetener (some eaten earlier to make galette). 150g natural yogurt + sweetener (x2 !)
2 hours
4.30 pm ham
3.5 hours
8 pm Tuna Cakes
9 pm 2 x 150g natural yogurt with sweetener
9.30 pm prawns

Exercise: 20 mins walk
Cans of diet soda: 4
Cups of coffee (if use skim milk add 40g dairy per dash): 3 (1 decaff)
Mass of Dairy: 1000 g

Day 4 Tuesday -0.6

8am Oatbran galette (35g Dairy)
3.5 hours
11.30 am Roast chicken breast wrapped in smoked salmon
4 hours
3.40 3 slices of ham
2 hours
5.30 chicken breast
6.00 170g 0% total + sugar-free jelly x3
2 hours
8.00 Smoked Salmon and 100g Cottage cheese
8.15 450g natural yogurt + sweetener

Exercise: 3.4 mile walk
Cans of diet soda: 3
Cups of coffee (if use skim milk add 40g dairy per dash): 2 (1 decaff)
Mass of Dairy: 835g

Day 3 Monday +0.2

8.10 am oat bran galette + ww mango yogurt*
11 am - total 0%
11.20 am - smoked salmon
3.35 pm - roast chicken
5 pm - Hartley's no added sugar raspberry jelly
6 pm - total 0% and another jelly (orange)
8 pm - lean ham with 2% fat cottage cheese (tasted so salty - really strange - never noticed that before about cottage cheese) and strawberry jelly
9 pm - chicken breast

Exercise: 3.4 miles dog walk

Day 2 Sunday +0.4

7.45 am - oat bran galette and ww mango yogurt
12.30 pm - roast chicken breast with dijon mustard
2.15 pm - prawns
3 pm - 0% fat greek yogurt
5.15 pm - hard boiled egg
6.15 pm - fillet steak + dijon mustard
8 pm - onken fat free natural yogurt - whole 450g tub!
9.15 pm - some smoked salmon and 1 ww pineapple yogurt

Exercise - some swimming (not enough!)

Day 1 Saturday - 1.6 lbs

7.30 am - oatbran galette
9.30 am - pack of prawns
12.20 pm - roast chicken breast + Dijon mustard + ww mango yogurt*
3 pm small amount of 0% fat greek yoghurt
5 pm 0% fat greek yoghurt
6.15-6.30 pm 3 hard boiled eggs
8.30 pm Fillet Steak (gorgeous!) + Dijon mustard

Exercise 3.4 mile walk

Day 0.5 Friday -2.2 lbs

B: 2 white rolls, 4 Turkey Rashers, Brown sauce, Tomato sauce, 2 tsp chocolate spread [NOT DUKAN! I hadn't even bought the book at this point!]
L: small pack of prawns
D: Salmon steak, 0% fat greek yogurt
Snacks: Strawberry Mullerlight

Exercise: none
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Yesterday (PV):
B galette + total
L Tuna and chicken salad
D chicken and butternut squash curry
S Natural yogurt, stewed rhubarb, sugar free jelly
Exercise - none

I ate far too much dinner last night - I would have normally left 1/3 -1/2 for today but as today is PP...I ate that portion, too, for evening nibbles. I know I am technically allowed to but it was definitely too much. I think I will make less in future!

Unsurprisingly after a PV day (and such a big loss the day before) I am up 1.0 lb today.

I am wondering if a 2 day PV/PP cycle would work better for the leftovers (yes, I know about freezing but I also know I'm not great when it comes to using up frozen food) and fresh salad veggies. I am doing PP today anyway. I'll see how to one day cycle fits in but if I think I am throwing too much away then I may swap.
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My 1 lb PV gain has been lost but that is all, so I am showing a STS so far for 2 dats on cruise. Which, to be fair, is pretty much exactly what Dukan said would happen!

PV day again then today! :)

I know this will be because of the 18 lbs I lost already with SW this year as well but my watch is really loose and I get get my engagement ring off for the first time in ages! Seems like I am losing it from my wrist and fingers then as I had a sneek peek at my waist and it is STILL the same (if you look at my stats you will see why I say STILL....haha!).

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Back on the Dukan wagon!
Keep at it Zeke, you are doing well.
TBH, although I do weigh each day, I only record my weight once a week as I think it is a truer indication of my losses because I will have done even number of PP and PV days in the week.
My weight fluctuates on a day to day basis so weekly it is for me! :heartpump:

PS My engagement ring fit again quite early on in this diet and, like you, I was surprised that I'd lost it on my fingers first!


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Keep at it Zeke, you are doing well.
TBH, although I do weigh each day, I only record my weight once a week as I think it is a truer indication of my losses because I will have done even number of PP and PV days in the week.
My weight fluctuates on a day to day basis so weekly it is for me! :heartpump:

PS My engagement ring fit again quite early on in this diet and, like you, I was surprised that I'd lost it on my fingers first!
Thanks Redheart!

I've been daily weighing for 17 months now through thick and thin, literally...

So I am ok with the daily fluctuations really. Like you though I take note of my loss once a week.

It is funny about the ring thing! It has only been this week. I guess that figures a bit - last year I got down to 180 lbs (and then put on 21 lbs!) and the ring wouldn't come off and I have now gone just below that. I'll know I am doing really well if I need it re-sized - I think I was around 155-160 lbs when I got engaged.

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Back on the Dukan wagon!
Wow, that chart is impressive, especially the drop since Dukan!
I was 8 stone when we got engaged and married so it was hardly surprising that it didn't fit at 12 stone! :eek:
After 2 children though, I think it is unrealistic to expect to get that low again so I'm aiming for 8 stone 13lbs - I just want to see the 8 again! :) :heartpump:


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Yeah, I admit the Dukan drop looks good!

What did Dukan put your true weight as?

I will be beyond thrilled to get down to my true weight (142 lbs) but I also know there is something in me that wants to also go down to at least my lowest twenty something weight (137 lbs and I know when I was there I still wanted to lose 5-7 lbs). I want to compare the stats and see if pregnancy has changed those! I guess I will have to make that decision when the time comes! I do think that I would like to be a true size 10 as I have a fairly small frame.

I have been reminded I don't know how many times now by experience how important consolidation and stabilisation will be (not least my the graph below - which is the first time I tracked it but I would say pretty typical!).

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Back on the Dukan wagon!
Dukan put my true weight at 8st 12lbs so I wasn't far off.
I've been on this diet for 5 weeks now and not cheated once.
I've done WW, SW and South Beach in the past and I'm sure by now I'll have had a "naughty something" that I shouldn't have.
TBH I tend to be an "all or nothing" girl, so if I'm allowed, say chocolate (like as a syn or points) then once I've got that taste I find it hard to stop. Therefore, I'm best to steer clear completely. I know I can live without choc, as I gave it up for about 6 months last year but then I fancied some and it was all downhill once I'd had my "hit". I guess I really am a Chocoholic.

The only things I have really missed on this diet is cheese and toast. I can cope with not having them, but when the family are cooking toast, it is torture! Ah the smell...


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I think you and I might be very similar! I find it easier to simply not have things than to have a little. Hopefully that bodes well - I hope I can say I have done as well as you in four weeks time!

I notice we lost exactly the same in attack - I really hope I can match your cruise weekly losses! They inspire me!
Just as a matter of interest just what is quark? Well done for all you've achieved so far!


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wow - I am hungry today! Definitely eaten more than usual for this time of the day. I have taken the dogs on their standard 3.4 mile walk (only had a shower in the middle!) at least though.

I think I am either going to have to find myself a project or some sort or get out of the house. I would certainly love some carbs right now...

I am going to have to start getting more organised! I am a part-time teacher but will be working more from September. I would really like to build up a reliable bank of recipes and maybe even a fortnightly planner over the summer hols. I simply won't have time to go shopping every day like I do now! I have set myself the target of being in the 160's by september, too - which should be achieveable. Ideally 165 or less (more challenging!).
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Now I'm having a wobble :cry:

I am quite determined to get down to a healthy BMI in 2010, if not my ideal weight. I will do that, even if I have to swap diets twenty times!

I started Dukan as a kind of 'I'll give it a try' for the rest of the day kind of thing - never really thinking I could stick to it longterm, or even for a couple of days. I am surprised I have made it this far and I have to say I have been a bit bowled over by it.

Now I am wobbling. Narrowly avoided having a packet of crisps and then a banana. Very glad I did because that urge has gone now!

I am worried about the artificial sweetener. I am worried about the health effects of a high protein/low carb diet. I am also worried about being overweight though and it's not as if I had an ideal diet before! My mother died of cancer when she was just four years older than I am now.

So what to do? I have decided that I WILL stick to it until Friday am (that will give me one week on cruise) and see how I feel then. I will also gradually try and say no to the sweeteners (having only just discovered them in natural yogurt - yum!). I am already having less diet fizzy drinks now.

There is just too much going round in my head!

Maybe I just need to get my head down and say I AM doing this diet! It is relatively short-term and the longterm benefits it will give me are worth it.
You could always try sucralose? I'm starting this diet tomorrow, but I no longer consume aspartame. I put it as a question on the forum about using sucralose instead, and someone said it was fine. ASDA and Sainbury's took Aspartame out of their own brand products, and I'm currently drinking ASDA's version of coke zero and it's pretty good. Always a bit dubious about 'cheap' coke as it can normally taste awful. Also you could have Splenda as opposed to Canderel...


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Wobbles are to be expected, especially in the early weeks. Stick with it and you will see the results. Are you taking multi vitamins? I have to take a huge amount of supplements because of my health and if I thought for one minute this diet would actually be bad for me I would have stopped it. My health comes over and above my weight. But this diet has made me feel so much healthier, in fact I think it helped me to becoming 100% healthy.

I do not like sweetener and other than 3 diet cokes and 3 yoghurts I have avoided them. My sweet tooth (which I admit was not very high) has pretty much gone. Just had my gala meal and I only cut a small piece of my favourite cake (and it was good) as I no longer feel driven that way.

Accept your wobble, be proud of the fact you did not give me.


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Accept your wobble, be proud of the fact you did not give me.
Not so proud now :eek: I have had crisps, a cadburys brunch bar and a banana!

Thanks for the info on the artificial sweeteners, csl, and all the support Poppy.

Ok, being positive. I am VERY happy to have added Dukan into my dieting portfolio. I am thrilled to be in the 170's now - that has been a target for a while.

I am lucky because I have had no headaches etc and I haven't felt unwell at all on this diet. The only thing is that I have been more tired. I was tired this afternoon. As I have quite a lot to lose I think that it isn't the one diet to take me all the way there.

I will come back to Dukan. I may even do an attack PP once a week but tomorrow I am going back to SW red days. I can definitely see myself swapping back to Dukan again, when I am a bit closer to goal. I like a lot of things about this diet and the consolidation and stablilisation phases.

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I enjoyed reading the end of your attack diary, then get here in your Cruise one and almost wish I hadn't bothered!!! ;)

Take care (and you'll need to be very vigilant on SW as you won't be consolidating your Dukan loss properly...).



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Thanks Maintainer - yes, I know!

I was up 2 lbs this morning (no surprise there!). I shall see how it goes.

I won't be doing SW exactly the same as I did before - there will be some Dukan-like changes and I am doing SW red (so less carbs). I shall just have a little experiment...

If that fails then I will be back sooner rather than later, a little wiser. I am getting this weight off this year!

Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
Sorry to see you go as you seemed to be doing so well. :(
I think with Dukan, you know pretty early on if it's the diet for you.
Good luck in your weight loss.
Red :heartpump: xx

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