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***wonderful wednesday daily thread***


Back On Track!
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Good Morning all

Welcome to what I hope will be a wonderful Wednesday!
I have booked one day of annual leave, will be going on a coach trip with a local friend to Rye in Sussex, stopping en-route at picturesque and historic villages and towns. Unfortunately the treat of the trip is included in the cost - a cream tea at Rye! Have warned J that she will have to eat my portion but she's one of life's non-greedy people who happily stops once content, most unlike myself.
Hope that this is a good day for all, particularly those at the beginning of their CD journey and trying to get into ketosis - stick at it, you will be very pleased with the results!:)
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WILL be Slim!
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hope you have a super day hun! just walk away frmo the cream tea whether its eaten or not by your friend. You will have an amazing time without it! :D

Today i have a meeting so get another day when i dont have to go into the office! YIPPEE!! I'm on day 2 of the 1000 cal CD plan and really enjoying it although i do still find the portion sizes too big, its nice to have fruit!

I'm gonna go have a bath with my little one now so ta'ra

Hope everyone has a super CD day


Going for Goal!
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Hi Blingbabe and everyone else who joins.
Well, I'm back at work today. Still have a cold, but the worst of it is over, thankfully!
I was supposed to be having my hair cut yesterday, but I had to cancel with being unwell. So I am hoping that i'll be able to squeeze in somewhere this week.
Hope you all have a great 100% day, whatever plan you are following.
Hugs x x x
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Good morning all,
Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better Emma. Have fun day bling! I was talking to my mom last night about moving up plans- the one thong that puts her off is doing cd is that she cannot comrehend how you can start eating again and not automatically gain all your weight- tried to explain about balancing intake/energy and all that but she struggled. We went throughthe cd book and i started to look at the plans, i thought some of the portion sizes looked 'healthy!' I do worry about any gain though whilst i get used to eating again. No doubt end up sneaking at your maintenance diaries Lizz for help!! It helps so much to know you've all been there....
Off to WI in an hour or so- not sure what to expect cause i haven't been perfect and really struggling with water. Hope everyone has a good day- report back soon. xx


WILL be Slim!
S: 14st0lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st7lb(3.57%)
We went throughthe cd book and i started to look at the plans, i thought some of the portion sizes looked 'healthy!' I do worry about any gain though whilst i get used to eating again. No doubt end up sneaking at your maintenance diaries Lizz for help!! It helps so much to know you've all been there....
the art of mastering maintenance i am gathering from other peoples diaries is balance. "normal" portion sizes with the occassional snack.
At the beginning, on SS, SS+, 810 and even still on 1000, its about accurately following the plans....as you get higher its about the stabalisers coming off and learning about how to be normal.
I weighed out my 40g of cous cous last night and said to DH that it didnt look worth it! It was pathetic! Could i finish it? NO! I was full up and ended up throwing half of my dinner away as i just couldnt stomach the carbs! Its all a huge learning kerb...and all about keeping an eye on the scales to make sure your body is responding well with what your giving it.

I think its the usual assumption that we will all go back to how we used to eat before CD....which would indeed see all the weight going back on, however, the art is by learning about nutritian along the way and about what your body "NEEDS" rather than what your mind WANTS! I will always prefer a choc bar over an apple :p but that choc bar is empty cals....so at the moment, i stick with the apple! :) When i am on 1500 cals, i will be able to have the choc bar....but only 1 and with balance over the rest of the week!
Does any of that make any sense? lol
sorry to hijack the post....! :D



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Morning all and Hi Lizz ! I haven't any credit to text you yesterday sorry ! I am restarting today at 12.1 - oops ! Have been very ill this week.

Hope to see your disney pics soon !!!!! Oh I wanna go back ! I am still pricing Florida (gulp) I would go back again tomorrow to DLRP - I want to live there !

First day of feeling human for me today, not much pain which is such a relief I could shout from the rooftops !

I plan to get some cleaning done and ironing today and also pop on minimins ALOT to help me thru keeping away from the fridge ! I wanna see those 11's in the next few days !

Have a lovely day Blingbabe, sounds lovely !!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you feel better soon Emma x BIG HUGS !

Good Luck for Weigh In Butterfly x
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Hi all,

I hope you have good days.

I came off CD last week and pout loads on, so today is my offical restart.

The first 3 days are always such a bore, but it has to be done. I look forward to being able to post tonight that I have been able to stick to it!

Catch up with you later x


Going for Goal!
G: 13st0lb
back into routine now. Yesterday was just awful for me (no cheats) but with being unwell I had my first shake at about 3pm, one again at 7.30pm, then I had to force down my 3rd shake before bed at 10pm. Being back at work, I've continued with my usual routine of shake, litre water bottle and black coffee. Still feeling quite grim (just about to take a decongestant) but at least my taste buds are back now :) I also just realised I've booked a hair appointment for 11.30 today - i so do not feel like sitting in there today - but this weekend is seeing relatives that I haven't for a while and my hair is one frizzy mess. Still not sure what i'm having done either...not had chance to think about it really. I was thinking of a side fringe and having it cut to just below my shoulders, to try and even out the layers I regrettably had done last time! Hugs x x x


Likes to eat
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hello everybody

feeling great apart from stinky ketosis breath! going to get some strips from boots today methinks and maybe a nice coffee from coffee republic!

feel better emma, i'm sure your hair will look gorgeous whatever you decide :)


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I will be on here more than usual today I think - I have to stay in waiting for a package to arrive.
Part of me is thinking I could get changed and get on my exercise bike but another part is thinking - do I really want to answer the door hot and sweaty and of course when i finish I will want a shower and s#d's law says the moment I get in the shower my parcel will arrive!
:) However, apart from that I am feeling quite happy and bouncy today and looking forward to getting weighed tomorrow.
Also - I just had a friend on the phone who I saw recently after quite a long time and she said she had been impressed at how I looked and the diet was obviously agreeing with me and most of all she said what hit her was that for the first time she could see I was really determined and happy and content with what I was doing.
S: 12st6lb C: 11st11lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st9lb(5.17%)
Back again,
WI not too bad, considering- lost another 3lb! Have now hit the next stone, loss of 4st 2lb, need to get 3lb next week so i can get into the 10 stone bracket, which will be a first ever. Hence i am feeling posistive and very enthusiastic - I WILL NOT do my usual post WI nibble this week. If i do, i have to come on here and admit defeat in my challenge and i'm too stubborn to do that...!
Thanks Lizz for your advice, made perfect sense. I'm quite excited, but also very anxious about starting this process. In my head, i can see what i need to do, its just having the determination to put it into practice. I know that my old habits will not disappear without some really hard work! Reading the recipes in the book, my cd head said 'those portions look huge', but my old habits were screaming 'you can't live on that!'
Charley, i have to keep away from minis this afternoon, else i'll never get my cleaning done;- i am so easily distracted! My dad is a builder and he did my extension, including new kitchen last yr, has got some potential clients ringing me to come and view his work so got to get my kitchen and extractor sparkling! I hate that job...
You can do it Claudine, well done for getting back on the wagon.
Mince, the retardex breath spray from boots works reasonably well.
Nice to have people being pleased for you Alexice, and genuinely interested in cd and its positive effects. Most peole i know are great, but there are still a few sceptics who don't agree with it or tell me to stop. (i suspect jealousy!!)
Have good afternoon all, if i come back on here between 130-5 please kick me off!!!! xx


please try again
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afternoon all, hope everyones having a good one
congrats on the loss butterfly
good luck emma and claudine in getting back in the swing of things

ive done nothing again today, daughter was late to school again but sadly no hot guys to drool over today
one shake down and 2 litres of water, will do another litre or 2 i think and will stay online and avoid all the stuff those 2 are munching
S: 12st6lb C: 11st11lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 0st9lb(5.17%)
Had a really horrid time this afternoon. Had to take DD (3ys) to pre-school. Its her 3rd session ever, has never been away from me - apart from with OH and my folks. Last week she was fine. Today she started talking about wanting me to stay, or not going, so i suspected the honeymoon period was over. Got there and she didn't want me to leave, kept saying how she would miss me, the staff were fantastic with her but it just killed me to walk away. She kept wiping her eyes and face as if she was trying really hard not to cry, it was the most grown up and heartbreaking thing i've ever seen her do.
You can imagine, instead of doing 3 hrs cleaning it was dramatically shortened by sobs on the sofa, calls to my mom and then the school to see if she was fine!
Which she was, i picked her up and there were smiles all round!
Sorry i'm waffling, this is just so new to me... I'm normally quite easy going and laid back so this was out of the norm for me. I'm normally having to tell others to calm down, don't worry, she'll be fine etc......

On a positive note, I'm with you on the water Claire, have drank a load. Now freezing cold, hello major ketosis! Off to finish the kitchen...joy xx


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
hey butterfly, im sure every mum here will sympathise with you on the preschool start, when my daughter started nursery i stayed on the premises for weeks!
i used to work in a nursery and every morning there were tears but i swear before the parents had hit the car park it would have stopped, i used to think they did it for the parents benifit, lol

well my sister has got puppy and im stuck looking after it tomorrow, i might add im petrified of dogs and she knows this

hella cold today got the heating on full to try and get some feeling back in my toes, lol


Back On Track!
S: 14st13lb C: 17st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 43 Loss: -2st6lb(-16.27%)
Hello girls

Seems like its been another day of mixed fortunes on CD - weight loss, coldness, ketosis, successful re-starts - we just have to focus on the wonderful final result!
Had a lovely day, had a toffee and walnut shake and black coffee during the cream tea which actually didn't look that inspiring - relaxed with a soothing lavender bath when I got home.
Thanks very much for the kind and encouraging words to keep me away from edible temptations today, this really is a great support site to be on x

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