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**** WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY - Hour by hour ***


Good morning!

Hope everyone is well. I'm being decadent and spending £10 on a taxi to placement, and hang the xpense. I'm taking my time getting ready this morning.

Just sitting here with my tea, my porridge and having a quick read on the net.

In other news scales haven't shifted this week. Think by the looks of it this week will either be a sts or a 1.5 loss week, with a whoosh next week, as apart from Sunday nights episode of pity eating, there has been 100% commitment.

Not fussed, will catch up with itself over next week or so.

Anyhoo - have a good day on plan ladies (and lurking gents) and I'll see you tomorrow (day off thank God!)

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morning Lexie enjoy placement and enjoy your leisurely get ready. I remember working shifts well! Earlies are a bit of a bind getting up but at least you get to go home when the lates come in xxx

Im sure you will get a big loss next week - like you say apart from sun night you have been 100% so it will catch up. Im in the same boat this week with eating at the weekend but it is coming off.

Catch you all later hope you all have a 100% day - have got to get stuff ready we were late going into school yesterday and door was locked so DS had 40 fits so cant be late today xxx


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Morning Jess and Lexie,
off to do the school run *sigh* then work.
Lexie - my scales haven't shifted either so took a senokot (sp?) this morning, let's see what happens!
Have a good day!


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Just popping in quickly to say Hi :)

Been very busy at work which doesn't leave much time for minis :mad:

Great to see everyone doing so well and overcoming any little blips along the way.
I'm having a SS+ week as my new work schedule has left me exhausted and my CDC thinks a little extra might help me along. Whoo hooo food tonight :eek:

Have a good day everyone :)

Annie x


WILL be Slim!
morning all!
I have the week off so dont have to think about work at all! WOO HOO!
Daughter back in nursery so we're staying home and chilling out today!
Looking forward to weigh in tomorrow xxx
Morning peps,

off to to my school run and then work. just finishing off me porridge and coffee. Hang in there anyone who has 'blipped'. I did as well but have actually took off any gain plus one pound extra down (hoping for at least a 2 lb loss on Saturday despite my stupidity!) As long as we gain control early, it will be ok. Dont want to go there again though... Who knows what will happen next time... Have a great 100% day. We are only human!! Simle!!
Hello Lovely CDers,

It's gonna be a hot one today! Yay for summer around the corner and lovely slim bodies enjoying it!

I've got my WI today, totm so not expecting a big loss.

Doing another heart foundation run today. This one is going to be super fun, it's at the Tower of London. And the idea is to run as many laps of the moat as you can up to 10km! The laps are approx 1km each.

This will be the 2nd time I've done a run on CD but the other one was done on my first day so doesn't really count. I'm going to listen to my body and if I feel like I don't have the energy I will walk or stop. It's a good run because of the laps rather than a course allowing me to only do what I can without being stuck too far from the finish line.

Have a great day 100% Day. Get that water into you especially as it's warming up out there

;) H.


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Hi everyone... busy morning as I have to squash a days work into just up to 2.30, so better make a start... then off to town... will check in later. Be good!

Good luck hannah, sounds like hard work... but worth it.


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Morning all! Lovely day here so far,

I've just made a list of what to get tomorrow at my WI, getting mix-a-mousse this week! and going to get a bar for every day,they haven't been affecting my cravings and I don't think they're affecting my losses + it's nice to have something to look forward to!

Good luck with your WI hannah.

Hope you all have nice days, not to rub it in or anything but I don't have to think about work till Sept, but might go back in Aug.loving maternity leave! x


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my scales haven't shifted either so took a senokot (sp?) this morning, let's see what happens!
Do you think this works? Not the senokot, :D but do you think it helps move the scales?


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Hey all..
Hope everyone is ok today.
Just a quickie from me.... need to rush out to buy my niece something.. After getting hit by the bus yesterday her leg/foot is really bad so think she has to have an op today bless her she is only 2 1/2 .. I was in a bad way yeterday. kept thinking it could of been so much worse...

Anyway just been for wi and lost another 3 lbs so thats cheered me up a little..

Catch u all later x


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Well done Curly hun. Go treat your neice to something really nice, poor little mite. So lucky she has come away relatively unharmed.

Hope everyone else has a happy 100% day!


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Actually, I've got the code saved on my other laptop! Grrr! I'll sort it out this afternoon for you sweetie and PM you it then. Sorry for the inconvenience
Thanks for the good luck messages. I'll let you know how the run & WI goes.

Oh curly, hope the op goes well, poor wee thing. She must be so confused as to what's going on.


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Do you think this works? Not the senokot, :D but do you think it helps move the scales?
Hi Mia, I don't know.
I'm only on day 12 but going from losing 2lb a day in the first week to nothing for 4 days seems like there's something up so thought I'd give it a try!
I'll let you know in the morning if it has worked!
Good luck hannah cant believe where the energy will come from I only have to walk a lot and am goosed!!!!!

Hope your nieces op goes well curly poor little bugger but as you said could have been a lot worse

Im feeling good today but was really bad yesterday after eating on Sun had a headache all day and went to bed last night feeling so hungry i felt sick but think im in the zone today as feeling really up beat and positive. Heres to another 100% day good luck to everyone else

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