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**Wonderful Weighless Wednesday - Hour by Hour ***


Morning Ladies!

Up early due to exam nerves but might try and sneak back to bed for a wee hour or so for a coorie in with husband.

Hope that you are all doing well so far this morning, and remember thats us halfway through another week.

Stick to your plan today whatever it may be

Drink your water

Try and get in some gentle exercise

And rest in the knowledge you'll weigh less by the end of the day.

In other news I am firmly 11st 13lbs. Dropped a whole 0.7lbs since yesterday, seems the whoosh fairy has come early, tomorrow - I'm charging in to meet 11st 12lbs (something head on), thats my motivation to be 100% today.

You ladies got one?
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Hey Lexie..
Wow your doing so well Im loving your new pic you really do look fantastic hon.. Good luck with your exams too.
Im loving your pics too.. Good on you!!!

Hey all heres to another 100% day today............ Im off to take the boys to nursery and then for weigh in today .. not sure what it will bring me as I have been on ss+ this week.......

Hope everyone has a great day ahead xx
Great job Lexie!!! You look fab in the new pics.....

Couldnt sleep last night. Still havent come on with my totm.due yesterday. I feel awful in my body. boobies hurt too much, pain in my tum tum, no energy. uuuggg. this happened last month. I suffered for 2 weeks like this. Scales are sts. The only drwback with CD is it plays havoc with me hormones coz I was never never late with totm before!!!

Ok my rant over,... staying 100% throughout, got most of my paperwork done for my big court date next week. took 10 hours typing!!!(im slow)

Kids have half day at school today so will try and get out with them to the park or somethng (between the raindrops).

Hope everyone has a great day. Stay strong

Oh, good luck with WI curly!!!
Hiya girls.
Not sure why I always forget to drop in here to say Hiya...

Lexie good luck with your exams. And good news on staying 100% you really looking fab.
Curly, good luck with the weigh in today, don't stress about the numbers, you did what was needed with the food, but good luck for a nice loss anyway,
I am in the middle of my totm too 2nd one in a month.. so obviously my fat cells are being squeezed and I am giving up loads of hormones or something...
Have got loads on again today, am trying to keep really busy right now.

Hope you all have a great day!

glad to see you are all raring to go - only a quick drop in this morning as HB is going off on one again about me always being on the pc ....... roll on his week of mornings next week and no moaning!

Right am off in the shower and aiming for another 100% day -
everyone have a great day will be back later

Good luck with the WI curly cant wait to see how you have done


Loving losing
Morning All
Missed a couple of days on here but have been catching up with everyone

Great pics Lexie, looking so amazing..and good luck for your exam

Good luck with weigh in Curly - it'll still be a good one I bet!

Nice to see you back on here Tilly, hope things are improving daily for you

Jess, know what it is like with the PC - my HB working from home a lot at the mo and needs the comp...right pain! Means i have to do housework etc instead!! BORING!!

Welland...sending you TOTM good vibes - I really feel for you all - I havent had that problem since being 'filleted' (TMI) 10 years ago...so lovely!

Day off today, but 11 yr old son cooking my lunch at school today so will pop in for that and just have a wee bit. Bless! HB working at home so may go and have a wander around Asda to look for some smaller trousers. I am fed up with the really baggy look! It's weird cos it you end up looking for the next size down when it is probably less than that! Will let you know how i get on!

Have a great day all..



Slimming down the aisle
Morning all! I've got my WI this morning at 10am though to be honest not particularly holding out much hope for it!! I've picked a little a few times, it's almost my TOTM and my umm... *TMI alert!!* toilet habits are fairly irregular. I did take some senna tablets from Boots last night, but nothing so far! Ha I love how we all talk about this stuff so openly on here! So yeah I've probably got water retention, am backed up a bit and haven't helped myself with picking! So if I've lost anything I'll be surprised, but roll on next week!!

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Good morning girlies, :p

Good luck today Lexie, bet you'll do brilliantly.

Hope those of you weighing in today have great results.

Have a brilliant day and stay focused, xxx


Silver Member
Morning all,

Good luck with the WIs Curly and Caroline. And good luck with the exam, Lexie!

WellandGood and Tilly - hope you feel better soon.

Happy shopping, Ibiza!

Jess and Sunshine - here's to 100%!

I'm off to work for the morning only and then a lovely afternoon in the leisure spa at the Hilton with a couple of friends (late birthday treat). So not only will I catch up on gossip, I'll get some swimming in too - fat cells beware - I'm coming to getchya!


Skinny girl in a fat body
Good morning ladies. I have my weigh in tonight at 6.00 p.m. Not looking forward to it, not becasue I have been naughty or anything, I've been 100%, but becasue if I don't see a good weightloss I am thinking of quiting. My mates here in work are losing the same weight on Slimming World and stuffing their faces all day. I know a stone a month is the 'average' but no way on my losses am I going to hit a stone this month. I'm getting a bit peeved about it now.

So, fingers crossed. I am looking at 3lb+, ideally 4lb this week and if I don't get it - keep out of my way :) :)


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Morning all,

Here's for a good day for us all, I've still got ironing that I hoped to do yesterday so really must do that today and it's an OK day here so will get out for a walk later.

Caroline I empathise with the picking,it's addictive. I've had a nibble and then spat it out the last couple of days-It's got to stop! really going for 100% today.

Good luck for those with WI's today and all those with TOTM (mine soon too) -hope you're feeling better soon. x
Great job Lexie!!! You look fab in the new pics.....

Couldnt sleep last night. Still havent come on with my totm.due yesterday. I feel awful in my body. boobies hurt too much, pain in my tum tum, no energy. uuuggg. this happened last month. I suffered for 2 weeks like this. Scales are sts. The only drwback with CD is it plays havoc with me hormones coz I was never never late with totm before!!!
That s been me all night!! of course because I am new to this it didn't even occur to me that the diet might affect me, I am getting near to my totm so is good to know that CD can affect me thisway.
Anyway GOOD MORNING ladies :), I wish you all that have WI's today GOOD LUCK< and those that haven't I wish you a fabulous 100% DAY !!!!:D
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Slimming down the aisle
Mia - are they losing the inches at the rate you are though? Because I doubt it! You're doing really really well, and as well as the lbs you're losing you're losing a good number of inches too! Don't get down about it, you just need to realise that you're actually doing really well! Maybe it's worth trying to move up a plan if you're losses are slowing a lot?

Me too Angela, definitely going for 100% today. Just taking it one day at a time! Good luck with keeping 100% too :)


Actually just jumped on scales to show husband my definite 11st 13 after lie in....

they are 11st 12.5lbs! :D:D:D :bliss:

See a lie in IS good for you!


Skinny girl in a fat body
Caroline - yes, you are right, I'm just on a bit of a downer. I have joined all these challenges etc. and I'm not going to make them, I am going to fail through no fault of my own. The challenges are more for ME to see how I am doing. But, you are right about the inches, I am losing them and if I am totally honest, that's me on any diet, I lose inches faster than I lose weight. I can't complain - I just want to lol :). Like I say, just on a bit of a downer at the mintue. Sorry to depress everyone. And thanks to whoever sent me the rep ;)


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Morning ladies.

Back on track for me today. Hubby2be let me have a lie in as its his day off, he woke me at 9:30 (not laid in till that time in AGES) with a hot chocolate half-shake! He has done all the housework, even put some washing in the machine on the right setting. I was on a bit of a downer last night, really worried about struggling to restart, so I guess this is his way of helping me. I'm not sure I deserve him.... ;)

Mia, you have done so SO well hun. I know how much you struggle, but you just keep plugging away at it. You deserve a big loss, but don't concentrate on it too much. The inches are disappearing fast, that is what matters.

Lexie, you're going to disappear before you know it. You really look amazing in your new piccies. Well done hun.

Thelma, I am sooooo jealous of the spa day. Think I'll book myself a nice treat when I get some more losses behind me.

Caroline, I'm "bunged up" too. I also took some Senakot last night with no results yet. I'm not sure my stomach has handled the amount of food I've forced into over the last few days. Its just shut down :(

So many people to reply to, so I'll just say good luck to everyone with a weigh in today. Curly, let me know if you struggle updating your ticker again ;) Here is to a 100% day all round *raises her mug of green tea with mint*
Hey everyone!

Well I managed to get through yesterday without having the mini eggs! lol

Got a busy day ahead so Im aiming to be 100%. I have my diet obsessed friend coming over this evening and staying - i love being in her company as she is so health conscious (she had an eating disorder in the past) so Id never dare eat unhealthily around her!

Right, off to send my CVs off! Good luck everyone who's got weigh ins today!



Slimming down the aisle
No no Mia don't me silly, rant and complain all you like! I just wanted to assure you that you're doing really well!

Just had my WI and I lost 4lbs :), but gained half an inch on my waist :( The gain is probably due to water retention according to my CDC. She seemed pretty pleased considering it's my TOTM, I guess I am too. Next week I'll hopefully be down into the 17s!

She's put me on SS+ for the week as she prefers her people to do it every 5th week. She did say that it was my choice though. So I'm going to try it and see how I go. It's not all that different for me being a tall person, is just about 100 calories. But if I'm going to have an extra bit of calories I might try the gym once or twice just for a mild workout.

I got my feet measured too and they're definitely smaller! A whole size smaller, I'm amazed! The woman in the shoe shop thought it was all quite funny. Does this mean I can go shoe shopping!?


Slimming down the aisle
Ooooh spa day!! Good idea, that's my plan too!

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