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**Wonderful Weight Dropping Wednesday - Hour By Hour**


Going for Goal!
Hi all,

Well I'm up bright and early this morning to make up hours at work from yesterday. Surprisingly I feel quite refreshed this morning! ;)

Got a couple of viewings tomorrow evening. There doesn't seem to be much about at the moment - but hopefully something will crop up.

Now onto cd! Had a 100% day yesterday and I certainly plan on keeping it that way for today. After work HB is picking me up and we are off to the cinema to watch 'Up' - I'm really looking forward to seeing it! :p
So this may keep me going today, knowing that I have a treat at the end of the day!

I hope everyone else has a brilliant day.

Hugs x x x
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Hi Emma-

Sounds like you have started your day off on the right foot!! Your weight loss is brill - congratulations!

Im on day 3 of CD and i have to admit im struggling a bit today! Im at work until 18:00. Im not hungry really just feeling really weak and lathargic. :(

Im hoping and praying im in Ketosis by tomorow and start feeling a bit better - im on a 14hour night shift tomorrow night....and its bonfire night and i work for the fire service!!!! eeeek!!

Hope you have a great time at the cinema tonight - the film Up looks really good! i cant wait to see the new disney scrooge film!


Yummy Mummy in the making
Hope you enjoy the cinema tonight Emma :)

lowela, I replied in the team thread about you feeling rubbish today, I think day 3 is the worst day. You should feel 100% better by tomorrow so dont give up :)

I'm not up to much today. Got the health visitor coming this afternoon to weigh Karrah but I'm not worried about her weight at all now as she is a proper chub :p

Have a good day all xx


Full Member
Wow nice start of the day emma :D thats about 180 degrees the other directon for me!

I had a rough night with my little girl coughing all over the place, she couldn't even catch breath in between. Going to see the docs with her later today.

Have fun at the movies Emma!

Lowela, the third day is the worst! After that you are starting to be able to handle not eating and the head aches will be gone. Since i didnt have much sleep, i am tired, so i can;t really say about the lethargic feeling :)

Come on! you can do it as well :D

Well, i'm off to clean the house a bit, before my little girl wakes up again :).


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AH tatty, posted at the same time :) how old is your little girl?? Beautifull name she has by the way :D


Silver Member
Emma, Hope you have fun at the pictures!

I'm up and hungry but not going to have my soup til I have been to see the doc so that she can check my blood sugar and I have to have a ECG - Doc is making sure all my bits are working correctly. I think she is rather sceptical about CD but is just happy the weight is coming off me!
Going to spend the rest of the day running errands for friends who work during the day as I don't start til 5pm
WI tomorrow morning - keep your fingers crossed cos I just might - might -might be under 21 st!
Thanks guys i will be fine - im actually feeling a bit better after my morning cup of tea!

I think i have repeated myself a couple of times on here - sorry tatty moo!

I hope your baby girl gets better soon Klev.

Goodluck with your weigh in tommorow Alexice - you've done sooo well! :)

right off to have my breakfast shake....mmmmmm bananna!!


Going for Goal!
Fingers crossed for you AlexIce. Lowela - funnily enough I have just started with a fuzzing headache, make sure you take some paracetamol hun, as I will be doing in the next 5 mins! Have a great day everyone :) Hugs x x x


please try again
morning girls, hope everyones having a good one

weigh in day for me today, it wont be a good one but im ok with that just have to get my head down and crack on.

today will be another 100% day and next week will be a good week!


Yummy Mummy in the making
Klev my youngest is 3 and a half months old :D Hope your wee girl feels better soon x
Sumayyah, good luck with weigh in :)
AlexIce, good luck for weigh in tomorrow :)
oh 3,5 months :D so cute :D seems so long ago for me :D though its only 3 months!

Sumayyah and alexice, good luck on your weigh ins!


Slimming down the aisle
Morning all!

I'm not technically on CD anymore, but I find you all so encouraging, I hope you don't mind me hanging around as I try and do the calorie counting and exercise route! I've got so much work today, but I can't be bothered. I'm not feeling too great and just focusing on work doesn't seem to be a priority today!

Emma I went to see Up a couple of weeks ago, it's really good!! Hope you enjoy it :
Carloine - I am sure everyone is happy to have you here. Come and chat all you want. The more the merrier and we all need the distraction and support that this place gives!

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Hello everyone,

Havign a pretty damn good day :D

Finishing at 3 rather than 4 as i worked 3 hours extra on friday *yawn*
I get my time back slowly.

Im so glad im leaving earlier completely forgot to tax my car so off into town to do that and then 45 min home to see my man :)
Its weird i miss him while im working and then when i get home he starts to get on my nerves a bit and i cant wait to get back to work haha

Its not like that everyday just when he is stressed and im tired.

Plus im having to squeeze in two hours of studying a night at the moment which is fine while im having shakes but then i dont cook his dinner otherwise im too tired afterwards and dont get any studying done.

Once we are moved (next tuesday) things will be a lot easier, ill only be a ten min drive and not 45 min drive from work and he'll be home earlier too if he plans his days out :D

Im going to stop ranting now and finish my work so i do acutally leave at 3 and no later.

Bye for now ladies! x


please try again
evening girls
well back from weigh in and ive lost 3lb, so 6 to go to get back where i was. this week will be a good week!
seems she intends to have me coming at the later time ( despite me telling her i have have have to be home before 3.15pm, if the bus gets there and im not home they will take my daughter to a social services centre i dont want to have to explain to social services why im not home when im meant to be ) seems the girl she had booked into a morning slot has quit in less than a week so shes not doing mornings just for me apparently
well i wont be doing the aamw this week like i was meant to, apparently ive had enough meals added, lol ( wasnt gonna do aamw anyway ) my councillor called cambridge and told em she was having a nightmare cos i had gained! can never show my face roun the HQ then, lol
You're having a damn good day? and still ranting?? lol i didn't even notice it was a rant untill you said so :D

Oh and who hasn't got days like that! missing the OH but when you see him you wish you didn't cause he is so annoying!!
Sounds familair to me ;)
Oi didnt see your post untill after i posted sumayyah. Well at least you lost 3 lbs!! Thats a good thing :D
I do think it's a inconsiderate to not want to schedule you earlier. I think it's only logical to be home when your daugther comes home!

Hihi you'll be know as "the gainer" at HQ :) ah well, you're back on track! And thats whats most important isnt it!


Yummy mummy wannabe!
I agree, she doesnt sound very supportive at all! Glad she is not mine. Her sort of attitude would not make me feel like wanting to stay on it. You show her and well done for the loss! xx
Hello dear daily threaders

Well this is a day that I am so pleased to be able to log into minimins and offload. But firstly well done summayah with this week's loss, I am delighted that you are back on track.
I became strangely hungry yesterday - don't know if it was because I sat with people that were eating a lovely looking pub lunch or maybe its TOTM approaching, but I ended up having 6 food packs yesterday -I am quite ashamed but the alternative would have been to break the diet. I normally have 4.
And today I have had the grand total of 0, so looking forward to 2 before an early-ish night. I really thought that I was going to come off CD today, unusually I was working with a colleague, and she was so supportive, having lost 4 stones through sensible eating over the last 2 years. The establishment we were inspecting provided a delectable looking selection of sandwiches - my portion will hopefully be enjoyed by her children tonight! I had terrible thoughts about raiding the vending machine for chocolates, thank goodness I have more or less got through the day. Returned home for relaxing bath and think that I have now overcome the 'sabotage demons'!
Hope tommorow is a better day x

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