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**Wonderful Weightloss Wednesday**


Going for Goal!
Good Morning Everyone!

Today is going to be a wonderful day for all of us, I can feel it in my bones! Yep, that's right, my collar bone is now visable :eek: and it's telling me the weight will drop off us all :p

Today I'm going to be cleaning - oh the joys! Now yesterday, I said I would be jumping on my wii fitness coach, but it didn't happen :sigh: Nevertheless, it's my main goal for today. Need to take control of these batwings! :D lol

Hope you all have a water gluggin, wonderful weighlossin Wednesday! :D:D:D

Hugs x x x
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Cambridge Consultant
Morning all.....
Awww Emma go girl........ sounds like you feeling really positive today....... Enjoy that cleaning you will be losing weight whilst doing it!!! lol
Well Im soooooooo happy today....... bought my first size 10 work trousers......... and feel soooooo good in them......
Its miserable in London today but I dont care as Im really happy......
Had a great time at the gym yesterday did a little bit of running on the treadmeal too...... wooooooooooooh!!!

Have a great day everyone x


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Morning Emma and those who follow!

Its my birthday!!! 26 today! :bday:
Mildly pissed off that hubby didnt get me a card from him or DS yet, he says I'll get it when I see him at lunchtime today,anyway keep positive Angela!

Heading off for WI soon then quickly popping into town with DS and pushchair so will be a quick look in town!!, take HB his lunch at work then home.

Out to see harry potter tonight-yaaaay!!!

hope you all have good days!


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Morning Emma :) Wow congrats on your collarbone ! Isn't it great when new bones we haven't seen for years appear - I am loving my hip bones which are slowly but surely appearing !

Done the school run and popped to Morrison's for washing powder, as soon as I left the shop it started to rain grrrr.

DD2 has had a lack of socks and I am sick of keep buying new ones, today I pulled out her bed and you will not believe I found 11 pairs of socks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! She said she kicks them off at night and they must fall down the side, I was not best pleased however the mystery is solved the machine hasn't been eating them !

Hubby and DD1 are off to see Harry Potter at 4.15, so I will make the tea ready for them coming in - tuna pasta bake.

Weigh in for me tomorrow (gasp) fingers crossed for a good one ! I am also going to get some cleaning done and then crack on with hubby's ironing pile maybe. Do you know he has 32 pairs of trousers - I told him it was ridiculous (combats, jeans, dress trousers), compared to my 10 pairs of trousers and 8 skirts ! MEN !!!!
He has so many clothes for a man ! (and a poor wife who has to iron them all) !

Hope everyone has a good day today !!!!


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Curly - well done on the size 10 trousers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angela - Happy Birthday ! Have a great day and hopefully hubby will make it up to you ! Enjoy HP, my DD1 and Hubby are off to see it too!


can see the end in sight!
Good morning everyone! and happy birthday angela! hope you have a fabulous day. omg enjoy harry potter, there are so many movies i want to see at the cinema, and that's one of them!

im feeling very positive today, officially weighed in today a day later than normal and have lost a couple of lbs. one more week on SS then i'm on SS+ for a couple then moving up the plans. i can't wait, and i cant believe it either!

at boring old work today. at least no one can overlook my computer where i sit and i can chat the day away on minimins!

oh BTW everyone - new season of the US b iggest loser starts on Monday on Sky 1. I saw an ad for it last night, i love the biggest loser and the american one is the best.

hope everyone is having a great day. good luck with your cleaning ems, congrats on the trousers curly and i sympathise about the ironing charley! x


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Good morning all! Happy birthday Angela :)

I have stayed off the scales all week and my first weigh in is tomorrow. I am excited, and scared! I also have a nasty metallic taste in my mouth.

Weather is lousy in London, but I am surprisingly chipper!


Going for Goal!
Hey girls!

Curly - size 10 WOW!!! Well done angel!!! I'm glad you are feeling fab, you deserve it!

Angela - :birthday: I hope you have a wonderful day, and that you HB gets you a lovely gift and card!

Charley - HA HA HA! Your post I could so relate to as far as socks are concerned. However, it's not a son or daughter I have the problem with it's my DHB! He looses socks constantly, and it's usually me to blame! Glad you solved the mystery though, I may check under our bed later - you've given me an idea! :p So jealous about Harry Potter, I'm going next weekend with my Mother in law! So I must stay put until then :sigh:

eyeontheprize - I've heard so many people talk about the biggest loser, but I've never seen it but really want to :( I have freeview, so all sky channels are out for me :cry: I hope you enjoy it on Monday though. It's great you're feeling so positive :D

Big Hugs to all of you x x x


can see the end in sight!
ems, i bet you can watch it online, they will have it on realitytvfan.org i think, i'll have a look. its a great show, very inspirational but they also make them do proper hardcore excercises like pulling a ten ton truck and stuff like that. i would die.


is a naughty girl...
Happy Birthday Angela! - hope you have a fantastic day!
Its my first WI tonight...I am so excited, keep your fingers crossed for me :)


Slimming down the aisle
Morning all!

Am determined to have a day of 100% sticking to the plan today, I didn't have either of my CD packs yesterday, and have missed loads this week. Whoops. I'll try and have everything I'm meant to today though!

Curly, that's great on the jeans, can't wait til I'm there!!!

Happy birthday Angela, hope you have an amazing day!!

I'm with you on that one Emma, I'm liking the reintroduction of ribs and collar bones and stuff like that! Most of all I like that I'm starting to take a shape, rather than just a big fat lump! Ok it's a big fat shape, but not a big fat lump!! lol
Happy Wednesday peeps !

Working from home today and still a bit giddy after my weigh in last night. Thought I might wake up this morning and it all had been a dream. Woohoo !

Happy Birthday Angela
Well done on the size 10 trousers Curly

Glad to hear the US Biggest loser is back, I've just finished watching the Aus one, finale was yesterday and the UK one was horribly produced (they need shooting for that format), so glad to hear the US one is back, I love that show.

Have a great Watery Wednesday :)
Happy Birthday Angela. Hope DH as a nice suprise for you.

Well done on your work size 10 curly!

Yep, cleaning for me too booooooooooooo! Should be doing work but to be honest I cannot for the life of me be bothered, Not like I don't have the energy I just can't be assed.

Gasman coming at 11 to check boiler over.

oooooh haven't had shake yet. maybe thats why I can't be bothered?
off to do that I think. Chocolate mint is in order.


Slimming down the aisle
I'll do your cleaning!! hahaha I must be mad, I quite like cleaning sometimes. I get in that mood, and I'm in it today. But I already did my whole bedroom, bathroom and kitchen yesterday. Don't have anything left to do!


can see the end in sight!
I'll do your cleaning!! hahaha I must be mad, I quite like cleaning sometimes. I get in that mood, and I'm in it today. But I already did my whole bedroom, bathroom and kitchen yesterday. Don't have anything left to do!
you can come and do mine if you like!

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Good morning everyone and a very happy birthday to Angela,

Just wishing everyone a great focused day being 100%. Keep your goals in focus.

I'm also a size 10 now and it's such a fab feeling. I've turned right back into a shopaholic....whoops xxx I am loving my skinny jeans, wearing leggings, little skirts and vest tops.

At the weekend i went through my wardrobe again and most of it has gone to charity. It was all hanging off me! :) I'll go through my chest of drawers later today and sort that out next. There is no point in hanging onto big clothes as I never want to go back there again. I've even goven away clothes I'd hung on to from 10 years ago with the hope of getting back into them. Well I got back into them but they are so out dated now, I've got rid. It was the fact that I could get into them...that's all I needed to know. Yay.

Have a great day everyone xxx
Morning, had my WI and have lost 2lb on 1000 plan which I am really pleased with as it takes me to 1lb off of goal weight, so moving up to 1200 plan this week for 2 weeks, cannot believe only 4 weeks until I finish the diet. BTW I am only 10stone 4lb on my scales which takes me to 1lb below my goal weight.... lol

Well done Curly on size 10 work trousers, I was thrilled last week when I bought a smart pair of size 10 trousers in Tesco, not sure what I will wear them for yet, but was just so thrilled a size 10 trousers that weren't jeans fitted me.... lol
EOTP, great news about moving up the plans, it is scary, but shows that there is an end in sight, I am actually feeling much more positive about it now and cannot wait to finish.
Charley, cannot believe how many clothes your hubby has, mine has about 3 pairs of jeans 2 pairs of work trousers and maybe 14 work shirts, and 7 t-shirts.... he hates buying clothes, so I might get him some for his birthday on Sunday, dont remember the last time he bought himself any...

Angela, have a great birthday, my hubby is the same with birthday cards, anniversary cards etc, I never even got a Valentine card this year and when we were in Ikea on Valentines day he picked up a rose plant and bought it for me, talk about forward planning and being organised... and yes I was upset about that too.

Emma, have fun with your cleaning, I really need to get my house spring cleaned as my inlaws are coming at the weekend, and there is always pet hair everywhere despite hoovering everywhere every morning.... will need to wash all the cushion covers etc...

Have a great day eeryone whichever plans you are on, and sorry to the people I have missed out, have a great day too....

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Oooh Caroline, come do my cleaning next please lol. I hate housework. xxx good luck today hun. Have your shakes. I'm now on 1000B and gonna cook a recipe from the book tonight. eek xxx


Slimming down the aisle
hehe ok! i have to be in the right mood, but if i am i don't really mind doing cleaning. I guess it's just something to keep me busy. And it's something to do! And I guess I just like that feeling when it's done, when you look around and it's all clean and tidy, it's really nice, I notice it, it makes me feel good!

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