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** Wonderfully Wonderful Wednesday Daily Thread **

Good morning :)

I have just been on the scales and have lost all of the 9 lb I gained up till sunday , whoooop !!! I am on day 4 back on and although the sticks say I am not in ketosis , my breath honks and i have more energy today so sure i am very nearly there :)

I am taking the kids to playgroup this morning , then going to my parents for 'lunch' ( welll the kids get lunch , I get a talking to about ''havent you lost enough now .. blah blah '') then back home a few hours chilling , kids tea and bed , then I am working the night shift !! Just hope the cakes and biscuits at work dont call too loud tonight !!!

Hope everyone else is feeling positive and has a fabulous day :)
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Wow what a lvoely start to the day Katie - its downwards all the way now - you'll be back into ketosis before you know it and then off you go.

Mine start was pretty good too today too - just stood on the scales and I have reached the 6 stone off mark. Zipping around the house with a stupid grin on my face now.

Just need to get the children ready for school, take the little one to pre-school, do all the animals then I have to have a major tidyup through the house as my mother is coming to stay tomorrow night - and shes a neat freak!!

better get on

have a lovely positive day everyone


this time - the last time
Wow 6stone! What a great day!

I have a busy day at work followed by my WI tonight. Bit worried. Fingers crossed its a loss.
Wow you two are amazing! Setas how much you got left? 6 stone is beyond my comprehension.
With you guys today, 216.8lb today, up by 2.8lb two days ago and 5.8lb up from where I finished on two weeks cd.
Picking up little one from nursery at 11am, water and teas till then, shake for lunch and then the challenge starts! X


this time - the last time
Thanks. I'll be back later to let you know how I got on!

Hope everyone has a good day!


Why Be Normal?
Amazing Losses Katie and Setas!

Good Luck with the weigh in JanelleKay.

Welcome Back, Crystal G -- you can do this and pretty soon we'll all be amazed at how much you have lost.

Well done with the loses ladies!
I also have my weigh in today (although last week's was Thursday), I am using my own scales to track my loss, as didn't get weighed bt cdc until day 10, and on my scales I'm 22lb down in 23 days..and back into a pair of jeans I had to abandon in October and the duffle coat that was pulling very tightly across my boobs now has loose material over them!
Any way off for a pre-paris pedicure, was hoping to use the pool,but totm is on it'way, oh well I'll enjoy the pampering.

Happy day to all x
@Mrs T -- Bon Voyage et Au Revoir.
Thanks Mel and well done on loss so far Mrs T. Nothing like a bit if pampering.
Getting dinner prep and made now so won't be going too loopy smelling food tonight as evenings are my toughest times!
Oh dear, water and more loo trips!
morning ladies.
best of luck to those weighing in today.
im now on day 4 and the scales are saying i have a loss of 7lbs so far. i can live with that :D.
had a bit of a worrying time last night in bed.
i suffer from reflux and take Lansoprazole to help this. however at 3am this morning i woke up gasping for breath and really struggling to breathe as stomach acid was in my throat.
i was soon being sick (again nothing but stomach acid) and was left with a sore throat and a banging headache.
i then had the problem that i knew if i lay down it was going to happen again as i could still feel it so i desperately needed to use something to help and the only thing i could take was gaviscon advance liquid.
i read the ingredients and couldnt see anything that stood out as a definate no no for cambridge and so in the end i took 20mls of it ( either that or face the rest of the night sitting up ).
this morning i was dubious as to whether or not i would still be in ketosis but after a quick stick test i am still in ketosis :).
so heres to another glass of water :waterbottle::party0049:


please try again
good morning you beautiful stunning ladies

what a fabulous day today!

well done all you lovely losers and good luck to those of you weighing in today

im just back from weigh in and im DOWN 10LB yay!

@cheryl ahh the dreaded reflux, you should be ok with gaviscon. i had one particularly bad night ( im on omeprazole ) i took extra omeprazole and gaviscon and some ranitadine for good measure since i was in a lot of pain and then made the mistake of thinking it was resolved and went to lay down. BIG mistake i spent the rest of the night grumpy as anything as i need a lot of sleep. i was chucking tums down my neck to stay comfortable and yep youve guessed it out of ketosis i came, lol
Fantastic Losses Mrs. T and Claire!!!
wow,great losses today,well done everyone! im having a quiet day today,hopefully back to full power tommorrow.well done all you losers!

Who would have thought back when we were kids that we'd ever like being called: LOSERS! ;)



please try again
hmm days going down hill slightly
went to get madam from school, teacher had to shout her 6 times before she listened and came out. took her bag and went to take an envelope from her hand and she went mental so ive been beat up by my child :(
It really is a wonderful wednesday ! I lost 11lbs in my first week. I want to lose exactly 4 stone so it's amazing to think in a week I have almost lost a quarter of it. Hoping for 3lbs next week and it will offically be a stone !! xx
wow fantastic first week for you :) that 4 stone will have vanished before you know it :)
Got my pre op tomorrow hoping they will let me change op till July! Argh shitting it! No idea how they going to check down there as it's totm :(

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