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Attack Words of encouragement needed!


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Feeling a bit disheartened, am on day 4 of attack and went on the scales for the first time this morning. I weigh exactly the same as I did the day before I started :confused:
Anyone else experience this? i would have expected some movement down the scale in 4 days. I have stuck to the rules 100%, drank so much water I am peeing every 5 minutes, done my exercise, but nothing.
TOTM is dues in 5 days but bizzarely I usually find that impacts my weight just after rather than before it comes. Guess this time could be an exception.

Guess I am just looking for reassurance that it will work and that it is working for everyone else so it has to work for me.

Thanks folks.
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maybe with the change of eating habits your body and totm pattern is adjusting , some people dont lose then drop all of a sudden .
Dont get disheartened, its always upsetting not to see that loss before your eyes ...
double check your not having too much salt or maybe you get stalled by dairy . It is a case of finding what suits our bodies


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I have been finding the turkey ham and other cured and smoked foods i have been eating really salty, that is a good point also you may have something with the dairy. I have eaten a lot, up to four 0% yogs a day I think I will reduce it a little as it may be that I am more sensitive to it from a carb perspective. thanks for the sensible advice honey x
no problem hth
i do know a couple of girls found the yogurts stalled them i stick to 1/2 a pot of muller a day if i eat it or use natural yogurt with sweetener ..... it will even out hun stick with it
if you were already low carbing then the first week might not see the big swoosh others get when they leave the body?


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Sadly not knickers, I came to Dukan straight off the back of special K challenge so guess carbs must have been high eating all that cereal!


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It might be worth you starting a diary, or at least posting your daily menus on the thread so people can give you more feedback on what you're eating in a day. It'll be easier to see where a problem might lie that way.
yes diary good idea could be simple as your not eating enough protien aswell
remember 1L of dairy maximum advised (on attack it's unlimited - but I'd still stick to under the 1L... or 1kg if it's weight x

also start the diary...log all intake and we can tell you where you're going wrong (if at all :)) x


Not very good at this!
I agree with the others, post your menus so we can have a perusal, and cut back on the ham/salty products. I wouldn't expect a huge loss if you have come straight from any other diet.


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Have cut right back on salty ham products and yoghurts today. Also started period early so that could be the culprit. Trying to attach today's food log here - won't know till I have tried whether it will be readable so fingers crossed! (where it says quantities of 12 or 10 etc in the item description that is how many the total recipe made, not how many I have eaten!)For example the Dukan Pancake recipe made 12 little pancakes with 3 tbsp oatbran. As the daily allowance on attack is 1.5 tbsp I have eaten 6 therefore. I may sound confusing soz, but I have eaten the right amount of oatbran!
Thanks for all your support everyone


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Oh and since midnight last night I have burned 2402 calories according to my parole tag (actually a ki monitor but my husband lovingly refers to it as my tag!)


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What are "Dukan burgers"? And "Chicken Tikka Fridge Raiders"? I'd drop the bacon too at breakfast (long story)... I don't see that much dairy Sarah...

Given your current weight, you can up the protein if you're hungry... perhaps some salmon, fish or prawns to give you some variety.

I don't see anything else wrong; if anything, you're not eating enough protein... so persevere... milk, as "milk" is limited to 250ml per day in Cruise so if you've finished attack, cut out one of your milky coffees... and drink lots of H20!

Persevere - you'll get there! (I was surprised at how "high" your fat intake was but I've never used that sort of a calculator to work out mine...). Those burgers look "high" (again, I haven't a clue what mine are, but in France we can buy 5% fat ones).
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I remember checking out those Fridge Raiders when looking for potential Dukan-friendly snacks, but put them back as they contained oils and cornflour. To be honest, I'd avoid them if I were you. Same with the bacon - salty and I'd imagine that it's more fatty than the very lean ham which we're allowed.

Are the burgers bought or home made?

As Jo said, don't give up hope. It's probably a question of tweaking your menus a bit. I'm sure you'll get there, though! :)


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Thanks for the tips guys
the burgers are homemade:
70g chopped onion
500g of 5% fat lean beef mince
1.5tbsp 0% fromage frais
1 egg
cooked in non stick pan with no oil
This qty made 10 burgers

I think have sussed it as I am in really deep ketosis now and whilst I haven't been on the scales - tomorrow last day of attack, will weigh again Thurs - Previous to the food log above I had been putting away stacks of 0% greek yog (well he did say I could lol!) and also lots of these low fat hams which are so high in salt. I have always been sensitive to carbs on low carb diets - my threshold is not very high so I think it was the previous carbs in all the yogs and also too much salt in the foods I was eating all on top of my period coming 5 days early. I am quite convinced I will see a downward trend on the scale next time now I have adjusted accordingly.
Now my only problem is remembering to eat as I always find that bit tricky when in ketosis!
You're sounding a lot more positive now, Peony - it's great to read! :) Hopefully, your tweaks will work and you'll start losing that weight!

I must admit that I had a bit of a scare when re-reading your day's menus as I thought you'd had 10 Dukan burgers twice a day, which would be 1kg of mince! But then I saw the portion amounts preceding the items. I can be really thick sometimes! ;-)

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