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Words of wisdom and support?

Exactly. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to lose weight.

Why are you struggling with the diet? What is it in particular that makes you want to give up?

By the way, everyone has difficult times whilst dieting. It's like when you're there, you are at a crossroads. Either you take the easy path where you eat what you want, and put on weight. Or you take the more difficult path towards weight loss. There will be ups and downs on that path; sometimes it's like mountains. And believe me I've felt like I'm at those crossroads many times in the last 11months. But that's the only way you'll ever achieve being what you want to be. By Choosing for your own reasons, to lose weight.
thank you very much Starvla and Purple butterfly for your comments, and yes, thinking about why I started dieting in the first place braught me back to my senses, and I'm going to overcome my first little hill, and still be a little scared of the ones twice the size that lay ahead....
Good to know.

It's natural to be scared of those hills. Just don't be overcome by that fear, and keep on going with it. You CAN do it - one step at a time.
my main reason to lose weight was my children. my 4yr old asked me why i was so big. it really hurt and made me think i dont want my baby to see me as big or fat. also i didnt want to be the fat mom at school.
another great reason is my confidence, since losing weight i feel like the old me, im so confident every time i go out. before i lost the weight id cover up in jeans and a big jumper, now i wear skirts, pretty dresses, tight tops etc.

dieting is easy if u look at it as a way of life, eatin the right foods is helping u get where u wana be. sure we all crave out favorite food but with a little will power u will be fine.

good luck

x x


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I have really struggled with motivation in the past. Getting married wasn't enough, feeling uncomfortable on a plane wasn't enough.

Only when I was told that I couldn't have IVF unless I lost 7 stone did I get the motivation I needed and now I am on the way (ignore the last few weeks, I'm back on track now! :D )

Everyone is different, you have to dig deep for your own motivation and make a goal that you really really want, or you will fall off the wagon. Losing weight is a complex emotional roller coaster - it's not just a case of "eat less, move more".

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