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work related huff..

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Im currently working as a TA for a franchise that runs educational play classes for pre-school children. I adore my job, i really do. The children are beautiful and i genuinly look forward to seeing them every single day. However i drive an hour there and back and there is ALOT of heavy equipment. Its like setting up a playground. It takes an hour and half to set up in the morn. Then we rush to put it all away in half an hour before the after school club come to use the hall in the afternoon. Alot of the time i end up doing most of the heavy equipment and i do struggle. Especially with being so poorly and tired all the time. Thankfully her cousin who is a student at the uni comes to help sometimes, which i super appriciate but its not all the time.. and like today im too exhuasted to enjoy this evenings family event as i just want to crawl into bed.

I only work three days a wek at the min, however she is opening on a monday in september. Today she asked me if i'd be the TA for the new teacher taking the classes on the monday. I agreed, as its all money.. but i was suprised as it was only just over a month ago she said i clearly wasnt coping with three days a week as im always unwell.. and said she would have to cut my hours and find someone more reliable.

As much as i love my job, i am.. as she is obviously realising. Struggeling. I am so tired and the drive/equipment is taking its toll.

Iv been applying for some schools. I found the most perfect job, 5 minutes (literally) in an infant school round the corner from my house. They needed a TA for a special needs boy. I really wanted this job, but have got a letter today saying i didnt get an interview. (proberly my age.. )

Iv also applied for another school round the corner also, However its a senior school. Somthing i really didnt want to do, but i would sacrifice for working in a school. However i am aware i am even less likley to get an interview for this one, as lets face it.. im only a few years older than thier eldest students!

I have an open day at the college for a teaching assistant course on thursday, il be paying for this course. £120 i suspect as im not 19 yet.

But now im starting to think whats the point.. my age is always going to be against me because i cant do anything about that.. and the more i think about it i may have to re-do my maths GCSE to be concidered suitable to work in a school. (oh how i wish i'd listened to my mother)

I know i sound really whiney.. and believe me i am SO greatful i'v found myself a decent job, especially at my age. So i shouldnt complain..

but im wondering whether im chasing a lost dream here.
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You obviously have shown great ability when you are being offered more work.

but im wondering whether im chasing a lost dream here.

It is only a lost dream if you find yourself 90 years of age and never did anything about it.
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Fern, you sound so fed up my heart goes out to you. I do not know your medical history so can not comment on that.

Far from having your age against you the fact that you are doing such a good job at present and working with kids, should be for you and not against you.

Try to stay positive. Try to get to the point where you actually get to an interview as you can present your case and your ability and enthusiaism for yourself.

That you are a Forum Master here and Young Slimmer of the Year says an awful lot about your character.

All to soon you will be fearing what I fear when applying for a job........too old, yet I feel I have so much to offer.

Do not give up, follow your dream. The right job is waiting out there for you

Good Luck

Something I learnt in my last job is that when applying for school jobs, you should book an appointment to visit the school. Apparently this is very common, and most schools won't consider applications unless you have been to visit the school.

It was all new to me, but my friend worked in a number of schools and said it was very normal to have groups of potential teachers and TA's being shown around.

I'm a whizz with CV's, so if you want me to have a look at yours (or anyone else's), then drop me a PM!
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Thanks for the advise guys (and when i have 5 i shall deffinatly take you up on teh cv offer!!!)

iv had a phone call yesterday from a lady who runs day nurserys, who is calling me back monday to arrange an interview. My nursery nurse friend who works in a lovley nursery 5 minutes from my home also is looking for staff.

Iv always said i wont leave this job unless i get exactly what i want, but shall i comprimise a school for a nursery? i think i would if they offered me the days/hours i wanted. esp as there is no equipment to lift.

my back is buggered, i must have pulled somthing yesterday at work when i was left with the equipment and now its really hurting..

however if i go into a nursery, il be expected to start studying towards a childcare diploma, somthing im just not sure i can be bothered to do anymore.. esp if i ever do get the chance to go into a school in the future, as id have to do a TA qual aswell.. i know its all qualifications but im exhuasted just from working, let alone getting my head back in the 'zone' for coursework. I thought id left that behind long ago.

so now the question is posed, do i stay were i am and put up, follow the dream and do the TA course.. or do i take a leap of faith and follow this nursery stuff up and still be in a job i enjoy, with no heavy lifting.. but give up on a school and school holidays etc? which is a draw because i want to spend as much time with my own children (if and when the time comes) in the future.

I dont want to keep flitting from one job to the other, but my back is bloody hurting so i guess im feeling the strain a bit more this week which is making me look at the bigger picture?
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Ok I can offer a few words of advice here-Yes schools do like it when you go and have a look around before applying- i know cos I'm a school govenor and have sat on interview panels-beleive me it goes in your favour to at least ask, if they say no you have still shown interest and thats all good.

Depending on what age children you want to work with-a childcare qualification is usually sufficient. I have a classroom assistant's certificate and its got me jobs in schools and nurseries. I have just applied for one in a school nursery ( fingers crossed ) that asked for nvq level 2 or equivalent,so dont necesarily be put off by course titles.

And finally at this stage of your career I think its the experience of working amongst children that counts,especially if its younger children you want to work with. They need to see you can have a good raport and patience with them.

Please dont give up-working with kids is very rewarding if its what you want to do-keep chasing that dream ,just remember that there is more than one path to follow.

pm me if I can be of any help
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Can I just ask what your dream job is? I work in an FE college and spend a lot of time with learners helping them work out a route to do the things they really want to do - and I work a lot with child care students, both full time at college and in the work place, including those who want eventually be KS 1 & 2 teachers. If you let us know what you hope for prehaps we can look at all the ways you can there.
I always used to advise people that if they're considering a job which is a compromise to what they'd ideally like to do, to ensure that they will gain something else from the role to warrant the compromise, be it different experience, gaining qualifications, a more senior position, a junior position in the industry they want, etc etc. It's always good to consider where the new job may take you and what skills or experience it will add to your CV.

Whilst it may not be your ideal job now, it may well lead you to it.

I would say you need to prioritise your health at the moment too, if you carry on being knackered it's going to do you no favours in the long run and There's absolutely nothing to say that if you go into a nursery now you can't get another job in a school a year or two down the line!

Your age wont always go against you because you wont always be the age you are now! You need to sort out your health issues, thats a priority, because you wont function well in any environment if you arent strong enough to cope with whats asked of you!

Do the course, definitely, anything you can add to your CV will be a great deal of help when it comes to finding work. Also re-do your Maths, Maths and English are the two most important qualifications you can have on your CV for any type of work. And keep going! You are just at the beginning of building your career and you are clearly an intelligent and capable girl, and mature beyond your years.

Take on as much as you can reasonably cope with, but no more. I would have a word with your supervisor about how her opinion has changed over the last month. There is no point in getting yourself to the point of burning out and having to take more time off sick without trying to address things with her first.
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Hi guys, thanks for all your advise, all very good points.

My dream job would be to working in an infant school, as a TA. Id love to work with children with mild special needs/educational needs but find working with 'normal' children just as rewarding. Close to home.

Like you say all qualifications are good to add to my CV, maybe i ought to stay were i am and start this TA course as its proberly the most direct route. However should i find myself in a position where im just not getting a school job, you now have to be level2 madatory, or hold the desired level 3 childcare diploma to work in a nursery setting.

My problem is i work for a franchise, and theres only two of us. My boss is lovley, but im also very aware as is she, that any time i have off or when im poorly leaves her on her own.. which is very difficult. Theres alot to do between two of us, and the heavy equipment is one of them. Her cousin often helps out (when he turns up..) but its not a permenant thing, hes off with the army soon enough, shes mentioned about finding someone else but its not high on her priority list, of course shes not even seeing a return on her franchise yet so any more outgoings are to be limited where possible.. we can cope on our own, but as iv said.. its affecting my health. Oh says i should complain, which yes i could.. but i also cant afford for her to get someone in to do it for me.. we leave the equipment up over school hols as the other groups are term time only, and so i go in an hour late and it does add up at the end of the month.

Also i worry about things long term, (please dont think im planning it anytime soon) but should i stay with her for years to come.. things like maternity leave etc, i am concerned about. Another worry is that being a franchise, i could lose my job at any time.. she cant physically run without an assistant, so if things get tough the whole lots goes bust. Were doing okay at the min, just over 100 people have joined, but i know this is a few months behind in her business plan and the commitment period is only two months, so parents can leave at anytime pretty much.

Of course i knew all this, but i also knew i needed a job and i was very fortunate to have beat many other qualified and suitable candidates.

I get no sick pay what so ever which is another down side.

I hate focusing on these things because despite all this i genuinly love my job. I guess i just know what i want..

The job centre has a department called 'Access to Work', this is essentially a pot of cash that is available to anyone who considers themselves to have a health condition. This doesn't have to be verified with any doctors reports or anything. The cash is there to provide any equipment or support which you may need to be able to continue/start work. So if there is any equipment, such as a trolley, lifting device, anything like that which would help, it may well be worth a call to the JCP to arrange a visit. Got nothing to lose by asking I say!!
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Sounds like the TA course would be a great move from what you say-not sure if its still the same but when i did mine it included some placement work in school-which is of course good experience of being in the classroom.

As far as your current employment goes-there are certain statutory rights for maternity leave etc which she would have to honour if and when it's appropriate.
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Me again-just vhad another thought. It's worth enquiring at some of your local schools if they need any volunteers to help with reading etc. you would need a crb check-but i imagine you have one anyway if you are working with kids already. No its not paid work but its all experience and the school already know you if a job comes up


is working hard.....
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Just wanted to offer a ((hug)) Fern and to say you can do it, no matter which path you take. xx :hug99:


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Anyone can do anything in life if they put they mind to it!

Before starting my teacher training I was a TA after finishing uni and it did take me a good while to find a job - in the meantime I did voluntary work in primary schools and got accepted onto a part time Level 3 TA course, one night a week with two short essays.

The right school will come along - just keep applying and/or phoning schools. I would definitely visit or phone the schools that have vacancies - I phoned one school asking if they were looking for TAs who were already qualified or were open to see who applied. I ended up having a lengthy conversation with the headteacher about what I'd done at uni and how I managed to get onto a TA course. He took down my name, sure enough I got an interview and got the job!

If you need any help Fern please don't hesitate to ask xx

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