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Working away 9-14 March - Any ideas

I am looking for some help/advice.

I am have been doing the RC calorie plan since January and feel i have been doing ok. I have got much better at planning meals and making the right choices.

My concern is that I will be working at crufts from the 9th March to 14th March and dont want to put on all the weight I have lost. I have worked here in previous years and ended up putting on lots of weight in the week.

We are staying in a hotel which provides a full english in the morning, i then have to get my lunch from a catering place in the NEC, (sandwiches and bitas like this). then dinner is at the hotel too. Also every will be drinking. I really want to do the best i can, but i am worried that the best i can will still not be good enough.

Does anyone else work away a lot and have any advise.

Thanks - sorry for the long post!
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The Moog

Silver Member
I have periods where I do work away from home and balancing food is quite difficult.

I tend to have yoghurt and fruit for breakfast - it's an option in most hotels I stay in. Alternatively, I'll have the scrambled egg and smoked salmon.

Lunch - I'll often grab a salad from Boots or somewhere. Or if I've had a heavier breakfast I'm not that hungry, so I'd just have a bit of fruit for lunch. Soup is relatively low on cals as well, so that's often a good bet if you can get your hands on that.

Dinner - I'll have something light - chicken or fish. I avoid desserts and generally finish off with tea or coffee if people are having dessert.

As far as the alcohol goes, I'm rapidly becoming a fan of slimline tonic with imaginary gin. I don't think a bit of alcohol hurts.

You deserve some fun while you're there, and a couple of lbs gained aren't the end of the world. You can always shift them when you're home.
Thanks for the advice, I really want to do the best I can! I am most worried about lunches as I know there is a number of sandwich places and a subway! not much choice at the NEC. Hay i'm gonna be positive and I'm gonna do it!

Thanks again.
Oh Just checked out the subway menu! there are a couple of things there.

Thanks lots
Thanks to every for the advice. I think I did ok, bit too much wine but had water with it too so not as much as it could have been. Menu was limited at times, but hay I tried.

Got wi tonight so will let you know how I get on. I will be happy with a loss of any kind.

Fingers crossed.
I lost 0.5lb tonight!

I gonna be honest now and say i'm not sure if i'm happy about this or not. I guess I should be. I just have to look at it as I know I was better than I could have been and I could have put on a lot of weight. Roll on next week, lets hope it is a big loss to counter this one!

Thanks again for all your help.

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