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Discussion in 'Exante' started by Jonesy27, 30 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. Jonesy27

    Jonesy27 Member

    Hi all,

    Looking for some advice re exnte. I will be ordering a few of the Christmas offer pack soon and am trying to decide between going for the Working Solution or total solution.

    Obviously the more rapid loss on the total appleals but when I have flirted with meal replacement stuff before (principally slim fast) I have felt really, really hungry all the time : (

    So maybe adding in a low cal meal in addition to the 3 exante things a day will be easier.

    Any advice/ thoughts? Looking to drop from about 17 stone to just under 12.

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  3. Quak

    Quak Gold Member

    TS is hard the first few days but if you hang on in there ketosis helps with the hunger, trust me. Why not give it a week and just make sure you drink loads of water to fill you up and see how it goes.
    B xx
  4. peony

    peony Silver Member

    Hi Jonesy
    I can only give you the total solution viewpoint - hopefully someone else will give advice re working solution.

    For me I prefer total solution as it takes food out of the equation completely - it has given me head space to work through why I got where I did and room to learn tools to avoid going there again. Alss yes, the speed is great too. I just didn't want to spend all dy everyday thinking and stressing about that low carb meal - what it should be, measuring it etc.
    The hunger thing should not be an issue as you would go into ketosis and when in ketosis you very rarely feel hungry. You probably wouldn't have gone into ketosis before on Slimfast.

    The benefit of the working solution though is that you would be retraining yourself on what to eat from the start which is obviously a good thing. One thing that puts me off working solutuion is worrying about feeling hungry as I don't think (might be wrong) you go into ketosis - someone doing working solution should hopefully able to say whether that is right or whether actually they are not hungry doing it that way.

    Good luck whatever you choose - both will work wonders but only if you stick to the rules and are 100% committed.

  5. Jonesy27

    Jonesy27 Member

    Thanks for the input!

    Am shoving in an order now.....
  6. Quak

    Quak Gold Member

    What have you decided?
  7. Jonesy27

    Jonesy27 Member

    Think as suggested I will try the "total" see how I feel after a week. Put will pronably have 4 of the products a day rather than 3...
  8. Julie252

    Julie252 Full Member

    Hi there

    I think that's a good approach - try TS and if it doesn't suit you then move to WS. Plenty of people seem to be having good losses on WS.

    I started in much the same way as you and tried TS. I found that it suited me mainly because it took food out of the equation for a while but was always prepared to give WS a go if TS didn't suit.

    The first 4-5 days were the worst because I had no energy at all but looking back I never had much energy at that time in any event.

    However you approach this just do what suits you best and what you can live with.

    lots of luck with it.

  9. Quak

    Quak Gold Member

    Good Luck with TS, hope it suits you.
    B xx
  10. peony

    peony Silver Member

    Good luck, do, do, do persevere through the first week even if it gets really tough. (I felt like death, my head was agony) It is like climbing a mountain week 1 but by the end of the week it really is plain sailing as you will be in ketosis and feeling fab by then.

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