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World's heaviest man - 70 stones


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That's actually what I thought.
I'm not saying that my starting weight wasn't a lot, but in comparison I weigh the same as a feather!

Mrs V

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I really feel for this man....how undignified to have to be considered for an airlift by a chinook??! I hope that he gets the treatment soon, before its too late.
Thanks for posting that a great read


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Oh my goodness I was 22sts 8lbs at the beginning of this year......and I know how I felt about that, devestated, ashamed and totally isolated.....so I dread to think what this man must have felt like, but who is buying the food for him to get to such a size - and who can afford to buy it these days anyway!!!!


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i always think that, it must take alot of effort and money to maintain that amount of fat.He must eat constantly to stay that way because his body must be trying to shed it. How could anyone feed someone up to a size when its obvious they are suffering.
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A lot of people will be saying, or at least thinking, most of this is self inflicted which it is to a point but what this poor man needs now is support! We all get support from our families, our partners, friends or from here but he's obviously not getting much or he wouldn't have ended up in the situation he's in. I'm glad he's getting the help he needs before he gets any heavier and dies. Makes you grateful for what you've got.
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it sure does and i am in no way angry with him, of course it is his faullt up to a point, while he was stil mobile he could have joined a group or got help from the doctors but he didn't, but what was his family doing plying him with takeaways when he was too big to get out of bed?
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He was 45 stone in 2007, that means he put on 25 stone in 2 years. How does that happen? Not without the 'help' of the people round him! How much must he ahve eaten? I really, really pity him, but I expect pity is the last thing he wants or needs. Let's hope he now gets the help he needs, and let's hope too much damage isn't done.



Cute, but psycho!
S: 24st6lb C: 19st8lb BMI: 45.6 Loss: 4st12lb(19.88%)
It says that he's addicted to food - that can't be easy to try and control.

It also says that he lived alone with his mother, but she has now died and that he has two carers, does that mean the carers are feeding him, or is he ordering in food?
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How can anyone afford to put on 25 stone in 2 years. I couldn't afford that much food, and I work. Presumeable he doesn't. I just don'e understand

Hm... I am of two opinions with this story.

One part of me does feel for him and think that it must be awful to be in that position. The humiliation of being 'the man who had to have an RAF helicopter take him to hospital' will live with him forever, and I am sure that that humiliation will help him keep the weight off that he loses. If he is genuinely addicted then, like any other addiction, he needs help.

But the other part of me says he has, to a point, put himself in this position. I am a civil servant and time and time again I am moaned and whinged at in the way 'I' am spending peoples taxes. Everyone has an opinion on how their tax should be spent. How many people are happy that their taxes are being spent on lifting a morbidly obese man to hospital? What else could that helicopter been doing? I am sure that it is not built or commissioned for that purpose.

I also wonder what happened in that 2 year period that he put 25 stone on. I find that beyond vulgar that someone can do that. He clearly didnt have the support, both from friends and family or the NHS, to keep it off which is sad. But should the motivation of wanting to not die have kept him thinking positive. I know it is easy for me to say, I only had a few stone to lose but it was the thought of setting a poor example to my younger sister and cousins and the thought of when I have kids I dont want them struggling from the start and not being able to have a mum that can chase them around that kept me going. Let alone knowing that if I kept going the way I was I would eat myself into an early grave. I wonder why he didnt have the same motivation.

I hope that the man gets the help required and shifts the weight and keeps it off, I really do.


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I think someone who's got to that kind of weight is deep, deep in the grip of a terrible psychological addiction. Action should have been taken to help him long ago, particularly if the social services are involved in the form of carers. It just boggles my mind that a 'caring' organisation is involved and has done nothing to prevent him gaining even more weight, never mind lose some.

People can't get to this size without others enabling them. There comes a point where you have to say no, and here's what we're going to do to help you.


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This man must have been under NHS guidance? he must have had a dietician involved? Unfortunately, I have had involvement with patients who have had gastric bands fitted but still carried on eating chinese takaways and sausage rolls. They blame their loss of weight on the nhs! I have to try and mobilise them. They have ejector chairs and mobility scooters! They do about 100 steps a day! I get flack from them and their consultants every day because they don't mobilise! GIVE ME STRENGTH!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
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This post is really conflicting me ladies , one part of me feels really sorry for him and hopes that he now gets the help he needs but another part of me thinks we all have a problem with food here or we wouldn be here i'm sure at least 60% of us here have irrational food cravings there are days when i cannot stop myself we all have them it's so upsetting and difficult but there is a point were we say enough is enough i'm obese i have a problem here food addiction or no food addiction for the love of my health and the people around me i have to stop, 20 stone in two years does not sound to me like he was making too much of an effort and the people around him shpould be ashamed , , i know i might sound un sympathetic but i'm not it's a problem a form of mental illness but something has gone seriously wrong when this man has been allowed to eat himself up to this weight.

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