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Worried about eating again

Never thought I'd say this but I am starting to get a little worried about introducing food back into my life. - I am 5 weeks in and totally loving the diet - its so easy not to think about food - but ..........
for my birthday my family have booked for us to go for a meal to celebrate as 3 of us have birthdays close together, I spoke to my CDC who said it will about the right time for me to step up for a short time, but I'm really worried about it, what shall I eat?? Will I stuff my face?? will I feel sick??
so many questions, just wondered if anyone else has felt like this and how do you think i can deal with it?? Any tips and advice welcomed as always :)
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Serena A

Can't think of a title

I "had" to go out for a meal about 8 weeks into SS and I chose to have chicken and green veg which is allowed on SS+. I therefore looked at the food as just being another type/variant of CD food and nothing to get excited about if that makes sense, which really helped me to get straight back on track the next day.

Enjoy the occasion whatever you decide. :)
Thanks - That sounds like a good way of doing it, I just get really worried I'm going to fall off track - at the moment i feel so in control and I'm starting to look at why I ate like I did before.

PS just noticed you only have 10lbs to goal - you're doing great a real inspiration as we originaly had similar amounts to loose x
I have almost exactly the same situation, I'm 5 weeks in and my parents are taking me to a meal for my birthday (in about 3 weeks time ish). I was thinking of having a meal just of grilled meat and salad - and no carbs at all. On LL it's a big no-no to have anything at all off the plan, but CD seems virtually the same only you have choice to go up to SS+ or whatever.
I was also thinking that it probably wouldn't harm me to have that for my birthday meal.. It shouldn't kick me out of ketosis after all.

I'll be interested to see how you get on with it?
I'm going out for a meal for my birthday this friday.

I'm planning to have a steak/chicken and salad. I'm really looking
forward to it.
I'm glad I'm not the only one, I think you're on to something with the salad - I was thinking of having some nice fish with a salad - Bjoux gave me some good advice she said it's all in the planning so I'm going to look at the menu and see what choices I can make, rather than wait until I get to the resturant.

Let me know how it goes for you :)
Yeah I've looked at the menu and it's part of their menu to just do grilled meat. I'm sure they could do a salad too even though it's an indian. I just think it'll be rough sitting there with a soup whilst everyone else enjoys my birthday meal!
Will it affect weight loss for that week if you just have that, i.e. chicken, salad and water to drink?
Lots of birthdays around here!
Mine is on Sunday. I've been debating whether to eat or not.
I'll only be on my 2nd week so not sure if I should. Then again, it's my birthday so I shouldn't have to feel guilty for having something.

I'm not going to plan anything but if my boyfriend brings me somewhere then I'll have a meal. No birthday cake though :cry:


Angelic Fruitcake
I just wanted to say Serena I just looked through your profile album and can't belive the difference you look amazing a real inspiration xxxx
Hi Angel. You will find that when you do eat, you will be very full very quickly anyway so you shouldnt worry about over eating. Make sure that you still have your food packs as this will keep your hunger down too.
I had to go out for a meal on week 4 and managed to be good. Best to stick with proteins - chicken or fish and veg such as brochili, cauliflower etc - you will find some "allowed" foods in the back of your Pink SS booklet you were given by your CDC... you will be fine :)
Angel with this diet it's all about being in control and when you plan you are in control. So when you do have a meal you know you planned it and you control what you are going to eat so you don't beat yourself up for it. Am sure you will be fine dear. Just make plans and stick to them xx

Dieting Rambler

Size 14 Here I Come!
I would add that if you do have something that is a bit nawty, don't panic, just start again the next day.

Also I would have a shake before you go so you are 'full' it will help you avoid being tempted by any nawtyness;)

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