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worried about gaining on holiday :-((


chunky chick :-)
im off to cyprus next week all inclusive :)))) im really excited and really need the break but im worried about gaining weight :-(

also when we come home, im off with hubby to benidorm on a trip won from his work for 5 blissful days on a beach with no kids! of course im looking forward to it but im dreading weighing in after 2 weeks away!

im just scared of undoing all my hard hard work!

any tips??
thanks xxxxx:):)
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wow n wow lucky you bliss hey :) you've done so well and deserve the holidays I bet your real pleased you did ww :)

How much was the all inclusive at cyprus is it just for 2 adults as we want to go all inclusive end of the year for 2 adults and 3 kids.

Tips I think just to keep an eye on the foods you eat ,make sensible choices I know with ''all in'' that alcohol can be tempting but maybe if your swimming & doing stuff you'll burn off excess if you dont over do it,and TBH whats the worse if you gain a little, get back on ww asap thats the way it will work ,itsis living a life and be as good as possible but having fun then returning to plan when back to your normal world hey :)

Have a lovely time us 3 musketters disappeared ? xx


chunky chick :-)
what happened to us all?? i try and keep up to date with you mrs :)))

in cyprus its me, hubby and my 5yr old, 3yr old and 9mnth old and it was £1800 all inclusive in a 4* hotel. not too bad, could have gotten something much cheaper in spain but we got married in cyprus 2 yrs ago and sooo wanted to go back and relive all the memories ( eeeeeeeeeeeeek, *ahem* sorry)

im home from cyprus at 9pm on the 7th july and fly out to benidorm on the 8th at 6am, lol so will be a busy time but im sooooo excited to spend some time with hubby on my own ( have been having a few problems in that dept so will be good for us)

im so happy i have lost the 39lbs, i wouldnt have enjoyed it as much if i was that weight :-( ill still be the fattest on the beach but hey at least im 3st lighter than 4mnths ago!! lol

thanks for the tips, i think im going to skip all the fried breakfast stuff and have salads n stuff for lunch and then have whatever at dinner. ill try my hardest to do some swimming/walking as much as i can but in benidorm i cant see me doing much more than sunbathing/eating/sex (heeeheee)
No good post :) ahhh it will be lovely who did you book with? Oh really wants to go away as a family hes a holiday freak me Im a homee lol
SSS hey sounds blis make sure you dont come back with an extra pair of feet ;) lol
You will no way be the fattest on the beach you'll look great hold your head up high and be proud near on 3 stones and all the extra exercise your going to get ;) no doubt it might be 3 stone when you weigh in lol
Problems oh yeah had them last year was awful but I think time alone is the only way we can get back on track and gosh you have yoyr hands full mine are 14 10 and 5 and thats busy you must be super busy. I think you'll stick to healthy more than we realise after months of being good I think we get in that mindset as we know how easy it goes on......
We should redo our 3 musketters as its nice to keep a good support going hey :) xx
Ohhh i love cyprus!!!!

Make sure you fill yourself with fruit and toast for brekkie.

And go for something chickeny at lunch with lots of salad.

Beef stifado is pretty filling and not too hefty at 8 points

heres a list of a few greek foods (all of which as you know are available in cyprus)


Calamari 10
Dolmades 3
Gigantes - (giant beans) 4
Greek Salad 6
Grilled Sardines 4
Haloumi - Grilled Cheese 6
Houmous 6
Loukaniko Sausage 8
Pitta Bread (medium) 2.5
Saganaki - Fried Cheese 9
Stuffed Olives 5
Taramasalata 6
Tzatziki 5


Calamari - Fried 9
Calamari - Marinated 4
Dolmades, Main Course 9
Fassolaki - Beef & Bean Casserole 8
Kleftico 10
Lamb Souvlaki - Kebab
Mixed Kebabs – 8
Moussaka 16
Pork Souvlaki – Kebab 7
Stifado - Beef & Tomato casserole 8
Vegetarian Moussaka 14


Baklava 11
Fresh Figs (2)
Fruit Salad 1.5
Greek Yoghurt & Honey 8
Sorbet (per scoop) 1

Hope you have a great time...really wish it was me :)


plodding away
Wow lucky you.

You will so not be the fattest on the beach. You have done so well with the weight loss dont let worry about putting it back on spoil your holidays.

Just make the best decisions you can, we all know what we should eat. Maybe swimming, walking to get some aps. As soon as you return face those scales and jump back in. Most of all enjoy yourself

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