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worried about hair loss

I had really bad hair loss when I did lipotrim last year, however it is fine now! I am back on lipotrim so kind of expecting it again after my refeed. I think it's just all the hair we should have shed during our lipotrim journey and then it comes out when we stop. It seems like lots but it does return!
Awwww, I didn't want to scare you! I did get a fright when it happened but I didn't go bald or anything. My hubby said he preferred me with thinner hair, but now it's just back to a big thick mop!
I don't think it happens to everyone so you might be one of the lucky ones!
ok cheers guys! i already use a thickning conditioner and shampoo so hopefully this will help!
Hi, just saw this thread and sparked an interest because I'm worried about hairloss too. The product mentioned, ''FAT HAIR'' sounds good. Can you tell me where I might purchase it, never heard of it before. I cant buy online as I have no credit card. Thanks for any info.
you can get fat hair in superdrug! it comes in a red and white bottle! shampoo and conditioner. i use tigi superstar products which also thicken hair cause i have thin hair anyway lol
You don't lose your hair until you start eating again & when I said, "I'm losing my hair," to my boyfriend he imagined I'd have big lumps missing, which, I didn't...it's quite alarming when it happens, but, it does come back & you'll have some newly skinny face that can take a short hair-cut ;-)

& yeah, as has been said, I don't think it's true of everyone!

Thanks for telling me you got it in Superdrug. Unfortunately, theres no Superdrug near me as I live in Ireland. I think its UK based. Thanks for the reply though. There is a Boots store near me though, they might hav something similar, thanks again though. People are really helpful and kind here, appreciated.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Yep hair loss is a reality for many on TFR. Some have it during tfr and others have it after refeed. My own has been coming out at an alarming rate in the last six weeks or so. I am currently taking a break from TFR so hope it starts thickening up again.
Don't worry, you won't have bald patches, just an overall thinning and everyone says it grows back even better afterwards. Look at it this way, it is a small price to pay for getting rid of the weight.

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