Worried about holiday


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Hi, I'm not going to group, but have been doing slimming world at home. I am going on holiday on the 27th and have gone from 236lbs (16st 12lbs) to 212lbs (15 stone 2lbs), total loss of 24lbs. I was a size 24 on the bottom, now a size 18, I'm 5ft 1".
Flying with Ryanair and convinced I won't fit in the seats and will need a seat belt extender.
I'm really angry at myself for not losing more weight. I feel so fat and disgusting.
My OH said he would be embarrassed if I needed a seat belt extender.
Sorry if in wrong place, but new here and thought I would pick other slimming worlders thoughts.
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When I started doing slimming world I was a 22 top 18 bottom. I didnt need one before I lost any weight and I have flown a number of times with Ryanair.

Try not to fret, your doing really well! *hugs*


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When I was 15 stone (I am 5ft2) I didn't need one. And so what if you do, you are already on your journey to losing weight and done so well already. Don't let one flight affect your achievements so far. Book another holiday when you are back and use that as your next goal as an incentive :). Imagine if you were still 24lbs heavier and how you would feel!


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Firstly, well done on the huge amount of weight you have lost so far. If you keep your head you could even make two stone before you go away.

If I were you I would also be having a serious word with the OH and explain that comments like that are hurtful and upsetting when what you need is support.

I flew with Ryanair when I was an 18-20 and have never needed a seat belt extender so I think you will be fine.

Enjoy your holiday😆


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My OH said he would be embarrassed if I needed a seat belt extender.

Sorry to be blunt but your OH sounds rude and nasty. A nice, loving, supportive partner doesn't make comments like that. You deserve better than to be with someone who thinks you are embarrassing.