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Worried about ketosis!!!!


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I've just brought some testing sticks to see if ketosis is present yet! I had a read thru thR instructions and it's says high signs of ketosis can cause diabetic comas etc and says its very dangerous! So why in these diets do we want to get to ketosis?? I'm confused and worried now???????

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Hiya Hun, Firstly I'd say chuck away the sticks they are waste of money and not accurate at all:D If you do cambridge diet 100% and don't cheat you will be in ketosis. If you cheat then you won't be **simples**:)

Ketosis strips aren't manufactured for low carb diets they are for people with diabetes. So people with diabetes showing they have high ketones would be a danger sign for them

Cambridge diet has been going for 25 years and only puts you in to a MILD state of ketosis:) so defo not dangerous.

Go to your nearest bin asap :D lol x



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Totally agree with Dappy. Bin the sticks!!!


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It's the difference between what being in ketosis means for a non-diabetic person and a diabetic person.

A non-diabetic person will only go into ketosis if he/she has been starving for a few days (i.e., eaten nothing), or has been severely restricting carbohydrate intake. The body then quite normally and quite naturally switches its main fuel supply from the burning of carbs to the burning of fat. Our bodies are designed to do this - in fact, our paleolithic ancesters probably spent most of their time in ketosis (no flour, sugar or potatoes around back then ;)).

On the other hand, if you're eating a normal diet (that's one with the usual mixture of carbs, protein and fat in it - especially carbs) but you find ketones in your urine it's not a good sign. It generally means that your body is unable to burn the carbs you're feeding it, the unused sugar is sloshing about in your bloodstream, and you've had to switch into fat burning mode to make energy. That's a classic feature of diabetes - hence the reason ketostix were invented, to spot ketones in the urine.

It can be useful to know you're in ketosis if you like having that reassurance, but quite honestly, if you follow the diet 100%, you'll be in ketosis within 3 or 4 days of starting.