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worried about my 1st weigh in on tuesday

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weekly Weigh In' started by thin-by-30, 15 January 2012 Social URL.

  1. thin-by-30

    thin-by-30 Member

    ive been super good this week, but after reading posts by others about them not using their syns and having a small weight loss im now worried as ive been super good and on most days only had 3 or 4 syns (apart from today when super noodles bit my butt :-/) now im worried that because i havent used my syns im going to have lost a small amount........
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  3. WendyT

    WendyT New Member

    I always use my syns, basically i'm greedy, my consultant said to always use at least 5 and always have your hea and heb, if you do this it should make no difference to your loss x
  4. sargentgirl

    sargentgirl Chippin away at it

    Hi thin-by-30, Im having my first weigh in on tuesday too :) But I have been worrying about having to many syns lol I have had about 12 syns per day for most of the week and thinking it would slow my weight loss down. To be honest, I think worrying about our first loss is pretty normal lol having too many/not enough syns...tuesday will be the decider. If we dont get the result we were looking for we can always change how many syns we are using cant we, not the end of the world really. Will catch up with you tuesday and we can compare losses lol Good luck x
  5. hey hun. i have my first WI tomorrow after rejoining (this time! LOL) and i have that same nerves! ive been having around 8 daily. i never let myself have an easy time - i constantly worry ive had too man or too little LOL. Good luck hun and dont forget to let us know how u got on!! xxx
  6. sargentgirl

    sargentgirl Chippin away at it

    How did weigh in go?? I lost 5.5 lbs! :) very pleased with that. Hope you did well too x
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