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Worried about starting Slimming World again.


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I joined Slimming World in September 2010, but only went for one week. I just felt it wasn't right for me and tried just eating healthily instead. That hasn't worked at all - I lose weight through going to the gym, then put it straight back on again through eating carb-heavy meals. I'm sick of the cycle.

It's on tomorrow at noon, but I'm quite embarrassed about going back as I only joined one week then disappeared.

I have re-assessed my goals: instead of being intimidated by wanting to lose 3 stone, I want to aim for one stone at a time. I'd like the support of a group to help me get there as I am clueless. I thought I wasn't, but I am.

Has anyone been in my position? I got a bit confused when I heard the food plan, but I suppose I'd get used to it through practice (and advice on here).
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Hunni dont feel daft, I bet they see people that have left and rejoined several times, I am sure you will be warmly welcomed back, after all last time may not have been the right time for you, but this time it is x
Thank you. The last time I went in I felt terrified for some reason! But this time I feel the longer I mess around, the longer it'll take to reach my goals. I just want to get to the stage where people NOTICE I've lost weight, lol.

Congratulatons on your weight loss!
Don't feel embarrassed - we are all there for the same reason. Plenty of people join and then leave, and then rejoin at a later date - you're not the only one :)

Re-assessing your goals is a great idea. Mini-goals help to keep you focused along the way, rather than thinking of the bigger number. Can I suggest though, maybe go for each half stone at a time? I say this simply because that is the way Slimming World seems to work - rewarding you with stickers and certificates for every 7lb you lose! It's simple, but effective - it gives you a boost and really helps to motivate you that little bit more!

The plan can be a little confusing at first - seeing all that free food and wondering how it can possibly be free!? But the key is to read, and re-read your pack and if stuck do not hesitate to ask your consultant, other members, or us lot online for help - it's what we are here for :)

Well done for making that step towards healthier living, and good luck!! xx



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Thanks everyone, I went back today and I'm so glad I did!! There were so many girls around my age there this time, and some of them were so tall and slim, I wish I knew how much they'd lost lol!!

I'm going straight back on it, as of today. I have three exams in the coming weeks but the lady told me I had to find time for both. And I think I'll be less stressed if I'm not eating junk anyway. :)
Well done you for going back and deciding to make a change :)

Slimming World will soon become a way of life, rather than a diet. Once you get the hang of it it's pretty simple, and the choices are amazing.

Good luck both with your exams, and with Slimming World!

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