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Worried About Tomorrow


Losing the baby weight!!
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I'm on day 5 of CD now, but I'm worried about going back to work tomorrow. I was off all of last week, and I think it really helped to ease myself into the diet. We don't have any food here, wheras at work, they normally have biscuits/cakes around :sigh:

I know I'm strong enough to resist the temptation, but in doing so, I'm going to have to admit to my colleagues that I'm doing this diet, and I just KNOW I'm gonna get stick from them about it. I'm tempted to just take a stand straight away and say something like,

'I'm doing this diet, and I don't want any lectures about it. Let me make my own mistakes - if I fail horribly, then it is my own fault etc etc'

I'm only 24, and they're all older than me, and they're mothers. They treat me like a daughter, which is lovely, but it also means that they lecture me more than they do each other. I know they are just looking out for me, and I know they will not like me doing this diet. They will think it is unsafe and a 'fad'. I've done lots of research, and I can tell them my findings, but I'm sure it won't make much difference.

However, I'm sure if I lose 4st within the next few months, they might just change their opinion.....lol

Any advice on how I can tackle them tactfully would be appreciated!! :confused:

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Just go in armed with the facts!
It's not unhealthy if you follow the guidelines....explain to them how and why the diet works...and make sure you tell them you would appreciate their support!People find it really hard to say anything once you say that.
Tell them about some of the success stories and just say you want to give it a go...and that if it doesn't work you will come off it(Of course,it will and you are going to be successful!)then they will think you have been responsible

Good luck!
Why do you have to tell them? You wont be tempted, why cant you just say that your being good, and leave it at that.

I've not told anyone in work, luckily there are enough people there not to be watching what I'm up to at lunch times. I started going out at lunch for a walk and letting people think I am meeting someone for lunch.

I've been having the soups and tetras in work so no blender needed, I make the soup in a cup and whose to know its not knorr or cambells :)

If you do tell them and they do lecture you, tell them you have done your research on this diet and you are attending a specialist and receiving on going support on the diet. That its your decision, and you are happy with this.

Dont be saying anything about mistakes, that just gives them something to latch onto that perhaps you are not completely confident in what you are doing

Best of luck .....
The question most people ask me is whether I am going to pile the weight back on at the end of the diet. Explain that there is a maintenance program that eases you back into healthy eating and you should then be able to maintain your new weight. If it does creep back on, at least you know of a great diet that will help you get the weight back off again.

Good luck!


determined to be thin!
Hiya, just tell them you are on a diet, they dont need to know which one, and no diet allows cakes and biscuits etc so you should be covered! xx
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Losing the baby weight!!
S: 18st1lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 39.1 Loss: 1st4lb(7.11%)
They are bound to find out because I have lunch with a couple of them - they will definitely notice that I'm drinking a chocolate velvet tetra, as opposed to having my usual jacket potato!

If they lecture me, I'll just have to explain the facts and tell them I'd appreciate their support - nopt judgement.


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I sit in a staff room in school and nobody has noticed. I sit with my magazine and flask of water. When i eat my bar it looks as though i'm having a piece of chocolate. Just wait til the weight falls off, they'll soon want to know all about it especially if any of them are needing to lose a bit themselves. Good luck.


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Yes dont worry, once tomorrow is over and they've had their say they will be discussing something else the next day.

I just say to friends, family etc that it is a medically approved diet and your doctor has ok's it, signed your form and you are really confident that it will help you. Then talk about something else to distract them.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.:)
i am 25 and am in more or less the same situation, but what i do is tell a little white lie, i have soup for lunch, i take it in a container and no one asks, if they ask is that all you have all day (this is the little white lie) no i say a healthy breakfast and a healthy dinner, i then have a banana carton one in the morning and one in the evening so no one knows im on the diet, when they offer me biscults the first couple of times they offer, but by day three then dont offer me or they pass me out and say none for you misses, so it works out prefectly......anyway at the end of it my white lie will come true x


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I've told the people I want to know at work, but as far as the others are concerned they just know I'm dieting, I've not told them how because I really don't want their opinions on whether I should or should not be doing it!!
A couple of people have questioned how I'm losing the weight, I just say I'm cutting down.. which is true!!
As for food being offered, I know how you feel there!! we always have food in our dept, and one day i was offered a piece of cake, which i turned down only to be offered "just a small bit for you then", and when I said "no thanks" I got "oh it won't do you any harm.." and at that point the head of dept jumped in and said "leave her alone, she doesn't want any!!"
You really don't have to explain yourself to people though, like someone above has said, after the first few times of turning things down, the novelty will wear off and people generally won't pass comments. I still get the odd "oh aren't you disciplined" type of comment, I just smile and say nothing :)


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I so feel for you!

I had so many people stick there twopence in when I first ever did this diet, so many people gave their opinion - and I tell you what - you haven't got to tell people but if you do - you just gotta listen to all their rubbish they come out with and laugh at them in your head because they just dont know whats coming.

I was quite naive when i started and just told everyone cos i was excited but i didnt get a good reaction back and used to get so upset when people would try and sabbotage the diet for you and say its not good for you - i would wonder why they would want to be nasty about it?

Thing is - most people dont understand the concept of the diet and arent educated about food - so they would say these things. 1 year and a half on - i dont care anymore what people think if i do the diet again.

You just have to remember that the diet sells itself - and i ASSURE YOU 100% that those people that say anything negative in the first place, will want the number of your cambridge diet councellor when they see your weight loss and gained energy - faster than you can say hello size 10 jeans!

I wouldn't tell anyone - the advise above is good and i think that one thing you could say to anyone that you do tell, is that, with any diet if you were to stop it, you would put weight back on.

Honestly - do not feel intimidated by these people - you will have the last laugh.


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