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worried re: 810


Shrinky Pinky!
I'm on my first week of 810 after a very successful SS+ phase of 12 weeks. At the end of SS+ I had almost reached my goal weight of 70kg/11st. I weigh myself twice per week, and this morning the scales show a 0.3kg (less than a pound) gain – small, but a gain nonetheless :(

I dropped out of ketosis earlier in the week – but knew that might happen so wasn't unduly concerned.

I'm splitting the vast 810 protein quantity between the evening meal and a small protein 'snack' at lunchtime. I couldn't eat that much protein in one evening meal sitting! - hence the split. Also, because I don't consume skimmed milk other than with my CD porridge, I have a 0% fat skimmed milk based yoghurt after the evening meal - calorie wise I am very careful that my daily intake is not exceeding 810 (with CD meals).

Anyone know what's happening and whether I should be worried? Has anyone else experienced either a standstill or slight gain when moving onto 810? Is it 'normal'? Or is it a bad sign?
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Firstly, congratulation son reaching your goal weight :D
I'm no authority but think it's normal to sts or even have a small gain in the first few days when you move up the plans. I think that's why you do two weeks minimum on each one. You'll probably find that the tiny temporary gain will be gone by weigh in or, if not by then, certainly by the following one with a bigger loss again as your body adjusts. I could be wrong but if you are sticking to the plan 100%(sounds like you are :) ) then you can't have an actual gain as you aren't consuming enough calories :)
Well done and keep up the good work :)
I'm no expert but I think there is usually a small gain of water/glycogen (not sure if spelt right) when you come out of ketosis but because you are consuming so few calories it will come off again in the next few days/week so don't panic.

Well done on your loss BTW - fantastic :D x
Very well done to you. I'm glad you started this thread as I'm doing my 810 week starting Saturday and am a bit apprehensive about it. The advice you've had already seems sensible to me, hope it evens out for you soon.


Gone fishing
Yep, this can happen, but it soon settles down again. Hang in there. Absolutely no need to worry.

Doing fab gal :clap:


Shrinky Pinky!
Thanks, all. I had a feeling it may be part of the process, but fear was kicking in to override common sense. The reasons suggested make sense, and KD's advice is - as always - reassuring!

I think the trepidation is heightened because I'm so pleased with my losses so far and stepping up is 'unknown territory' for me currently.


WILL be Slim!
100% normal to knock yourself out of ketosis on 810 hun cos of the carb increase! Dont be to concerned, if your following it to the letter, then the diet wont fail you



Shrinky Pinky!
Having a weird day – was none too pleased this morning when a (compulsive) jump on the scales revealed that since yesterday I'd gained another 0.6 kilos! :eek: I really hope the aforementioned settling down comes soon. It's all going the wrong way! I'm still hanging on in there though...

(Can't bring myself to modify my ticker to reflect the gain :( )

Anyone had any oddities when reintroducing milk (albeit skimmed) when starting 810? Tummy's been very 'vocal' for the last few days and I'm wondering if it's none too happy with the milk.

And this morning I'm back down to Ticker weight! So-o-o-o-o frustrating gaining 0.9kg of precisely nothing and feeling bloaty and horrible with it. Grrrr!
try not to weigh urself every day try to do 1-2 a week you will drive yourself mad i sometimes do same but its not good each day ur body reacts differently it will even out down again
Normally I do twice a week - but with the gain earlier this week (which was tangible) I was compelled to keep a close eye on it. And did indeed drive myself mad for 3 days! Reverting back to my twice weekly now :)
Thank you so much for posting this post!
I have never been so inspired on this site, up until now!
Now i'll be able to get through this diet - no doubt.
Glad it's of help :)

This diet works. I'm learning that there are still ups and downs - my downs are well documented here - but overall it's been so-o-o-o satisfying. I don't doubt there'll be some challenges ahead as I step up, but this forum is an absolute lifeline.
Just to bring this up to date, 1 week on and I've weighed in with a total loss this week of 2.1 kg/4.5lbs!!! (my 4th biggest loss in the 14 weeks I've been doing CD)


So it seems that body 'adjustment' to the next step up was (in all likelihood) to blame, KD was absolutely spot on (as we've come to expect! :)) and all the advice and encouragement from you all really helped me to ride through a significant personal 'wobble' - thanks all. Hopefully to anyone searching and reading this thread later, there's now a 'conclusion' to my concern that will help to allay fears.

Plus am only 200g/smidge of a lb off my goal... does that count as 'reaching goal', or do I have to wait until the 200g drops off?! ;)
Thankyou! Certainly is a good feeling - there's a spring in my step and a slight delirium about me this morning!

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