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worried sick-bad pains

S: 19st9lb
Please can anyone offer me some mental relief??
This is the forth time i've experianced absolutly horrible pain in my tummy, its hard to describe but so bad im making grouning sounds and debating weather to go to the hospital it's so bad:( i'm really scared, could it be constipation?
ease my mind please??
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Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
I would say constipation... it can hurt sooo much... i used to suffer with IBS so know that feeling well!
Hope it easies off xx
I agree with Lisa-Marie, get the GP or hospital to check it out - it'll put you mind at rest.

PS well done on your weight losses - you must be delighted:D , I know I would be!
Doctor please Daisy put yours and our minds at rest. Take Care pet xx


Back again - hey ho!
Hope you feel better soon xxx
Hope youve been checked out Daisy? let us know hun xxx
S: 19st9lb
I only get the pains occasionally-4 times so far, usually at night and I can't sleep they get so bad i consider calling an ambulance. I've checked out on the net and it sound very like gallstones. It sounds really silly but I just know no matter what it is that they'll tell me to come off LT regardless and I really don't want to:(


weighs a lot less
hun there is no point being thin if you are to ill to be happy you must see a doctor,nhs direct are great try ringing them for some advice xx
Im with Lil hun, its better to be healthy definitely xxx


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
Yeah i agree with Lillie, if you think it is gall stones you should get checked! Even if you have to stop for a bit ...it won't be forever xx
S: 19st9lb
Yeah I was reading and gallstones are often actually treated with LT as a major cause is being overweight, however another big cause is rapid weight loss :/
I agree with you all but the pains have been very rare, they also seem to happen after I've put loads of nutmeg in vanilla shakes.... So i'l be knocking that on the head and fingers crossed they go away for good!


Desires to be slim....
Hun - Please get them checked out on Monday.....Your health is more important than LT....LT will still be here when you are better....xxx
S: 19st9lb
That's the annoying thing, when the pain goes I feel brand new shampoo again!
Could it be constipation?? I never imagined it could be so sore?
It would just kill me to come so far and stop,
I'm going to cut out the nutmeg, up the water and get fiberclear. Then if I get the pain one more time I'm straight off to the docs!
Thanks everyone you're all the lovliest!!

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