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eeekkk ladies im getting myself all worried and my OH i think i sick of hearing so i thot you ladies would lend a sympathic ear and advise

ok so im goin on holiday to florida next week and im terrified of putting lots of weight back on so much so its taking so much of my thinking time :(

I want to enjoy my holiday and im goin to try and select the best option available but im not sure EE can be stuck to ie, bread being the same size, im goin to have cereal fruit and milk allowance most mornings and try not to overindulge - but i do want to enjoy the food out there

i def will be staying away from the burger eeeeewwwwwwwww

sorry for the rant ladies just need to get this off my chest as ive work so hard to lose the weight i dont want it to go back on
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please allow me I,m a guy to assist you. Firstly I managed a 7lb loss during my holiday and I was stuffed all the time.

As you are going to Florida... do original SW plan... you will find loads of meat and fresh veg and fruit mostly anywhere. kep away from Ice cream and only have the light sodas. Drink loads of water every day.

But the main thing is eat regular through the day and steer well away from the fast food... NO burgers they WILL put weight on !!
But as I said you are in the fruit state so stock up on those lovely oranges... buy a bag of fresh big ones for 2 dollars.

Good luck , but most of all its your holiday and have a bit of fun,,, save your syns every day or so and have a blow out.

Phil x
thanks phil - gosh 7lbs - i wanna go there lol

im gona pack my sw book and the update magazine and try try try to be good as i can - dont tend to drink fizzy juice so plenty water


I want to be fitter again
This sounds like it is a holiday of a lifetime and i don't think you should loose sight of that. When you have food choices, pick wisely, recognise when you are full up and only eat if you are truly hungry. If you are tempted by something swimming in fat and calories, stop, imagine yourself eating it, think how long that pleasure will last and then if you still fancy it, have it !! Drink loads of water to flush it all out but most importantly ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY !!!!
hi hun. Are you going to the theme parks and water parks? If so, you will burn up so many calories just getting around. My last 2 holidays there i lost weight and i wasn't dieting at the time, so if you are making sensible choices for most of the time you should be fine. have a brilliant holiday, it's a fantastic place to go to, look forward to hearing your tales when you get back:)
i was just away for a month and managed to maintain for 3 weeks of that by having mainly red/green days. I fell off the wagon for 10 days and put on 10lb! That was because i ate ice cream and chips mainly, follow the SW God Phil's advice and you'll be fine. Just don't let your eating run your holiday...have a great time :)
Oh I forgot :

If you decide to eat out in the evening you must try Ponderosa restuarant chain... buffet style but loads of SW goodies.... You will find them on the 192 to Kissimi or there is one the International Drive.

Have a great time ... update us on your return


Phil x
thanks so much for the replies - this is my 2nd time - previous wasnt doing sw. Im goin to parks everyday so will be on the move alot - Phil thanks for the recommedation - heard a lot of good things about Ponderosa for both bfast and dinner will def check it out

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