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worst christmas ever!

Hello everyone, i hope youv all had a lovley xmas.. a few of you are on my fb and by now aware that iv been quite poorly.. so i thought now im home and feeling a bit better i would explain ..

we left for cornwall last thursday, and id been struggeling with extreme nausia and a bit of sickness, some cramps etc.
that continued until xmas day, which i struggeled through. From boxing day onwards i was bed bound, throwing up, all sorts.. no headaches, just so much tummy pain it was awful. Everyone kept telling me it was just the baby. I knew somthing wast quite right though.. three days later, i finally convince joe to phone the local gp. He phones me back two hours later.. who then sends a doctor. They think the pregnancy is eptopic. Of course, by this point i was in so much pain, i was barely concious and whilst i was aware of what he was saying i could barely take it in. He takes me blood pressure etc and says its so low, Joe is to call 999 for an ambulance. Finally they arrive, were so out in the sticks it takes ages. Im rushed to hospital and put in a room with loads of other sick people.. i try to sleep and we have to wait 3 more hours to be seen. At which point my worst nightmare happens.. i literally have to be held down whilst they take my blood, stick drips in me.. and even inject my stomach. It was all horrific, i hate needles.. there was blood everywhere and the doctor couldnt get blood four times, so as you can imagine.. im pretty battered.

He sends me straight to maternity to be seen by the gynocologist (sp?) for an internal examination. . needless to say that isnt pleasent.. made worse when Joe casually gets up and i over hear him telling the nurse my blood is going back up into the drip back.. at which point i glance down and have a panic attack. Of course she explains its all because the drip bag wasnt held up properly.. but i dont care.. blood shouldnt be coming out of me in any case.

the gynae isnt satisfied and cant make any judgement from the internal, and so im wheeled down to a surgical ward for the night, where im hooked up to all sorts as my pulse keeps dropping and somthing about my blood pressure.. Joe is sent home and i have to just wait.

At some point in the night im woken twice, i swallow some tablets and more injections.. im so out of it.. they could have been dressing me in a clown suit for all i know. Im exhausted.

i wake up early morning, and *WARNING TMI* go to the loo, to what quite frankly had i been heavily pregnant.. i would have assumed my waters broke in that movie-excentric kind of way, i guess that the drip has just gone right through me.. i mention it to the nurse who laughed but said no more, so i didnt worry. However it gets worse and im literally pooing Pints. I mention it to the doctor who wacks me on another drip *horay..* and says its not right.. iv gotta do a bloody sample. Oh fantastic.

Im sent down for an emergancy scan, and after walking around in my jammies for ages before finally finding the early preg unit, im scanned straight away. She immediatly tells me the baby is fine, growing well, in the right place ,.. and has a heartbeat. She dates me at 6weeks somthing, so a few days behind what the docs put me at .. i am technically 7wks today based on last period, but as i was lucky enough not to need an internal scan, she can see all very clearly on my tummy, its not quite as acurate on dating as an internal. She lets me keep two pictures which im greatful of, which i then spend hours staring at. I cant believe there is really a baby, with a heartbeat, in my tummy.

She signs a discharge form and i prance back up to my ward happily, still painful but tell the male nurse (who looked after me amazingly well) who coooed over the lovley little picture of my uterus + blob .. that im going home. He then tells me that im not going anywere till theyv got to the bottom of the pains now that eptopic was ruled out. Fair enough i thought, but id already phoned joe to come get me.. who is an hour away. He gets there and stays till 9pm, (8hours later..) before being told by the new night staff i have flu and i can go home.. he then says, il be back in a minute.. and comes back 20 mins later dressed like the black plague has hit. Im not going anywhere, i have swine flu apparently. Great i thought. Joe panics, and im banished to my room, with a flipping comode.. how embarressing!

I havnt had a shower for 4 days by now, and im so sick of being in pain and no fresh air, i feel im pulling my hair out. I agree to stay and i go to sleep as Joe leaves, again. He takes scan pictures home and whilst ecstatic and almost in tears, tells me he'l be back soon. I fall asleep and the exhuastion hits again. The pain suddenly becomes really intense.. at some point im given more tablets, tamiflu.. and more injections in my stomach. Im so out of it i barely remember though. I wake up every half hour with severe dihorea.. and then followed by bringinhg up all stomach contents, and what ever vile i had left over for good measure. All that straining certainly didnt help.

Finally, i wake up and im given more anti-sickness, but they'r out of tablets so i have to take it through the drip.. which stings like a *****.. and makes me sick. :sigh:
A few hours later i genuinly begin to feel better, but everyones treating me like i could kill them if i breathe on them. I barely see anyone all day and i can kind of hear nurses and doctors talking about me, and it annoys me they keep referring to me as the 'eptopic'.. even after its been ruled out.

finally i see a gynae, a new lady.. 8 hours later.. she admits its all been a mistake, i clearly dont have swine flu and everyone has totally over reacted. I beg her to take the drip out and im finally allowed a shower. Thank god..

she signs me off and tells me to clear off :) she was lovley.. but admitted she'd been told id been sent home yesterday, which is why i hadnt been seen sooner.

Despite some error in judgement, had fabulous care. All the staff were lovley (excpet first male gynae and his metal devices.. he clearly hasnt got a vagina and so cant tell me it doesnt hurt:mad:) and im just glad to be home, im exhuasted and drained.. but me and this baby are OK.

I cant wait to get home to my own bed now, i miss my mummy!

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That sounds horrendous, like your worst nightmare. You must have been so worried and frightened for your baby.

Glad all is well,

hugs by the dozen xxxxx

big bear

A bear on a mission!
OMG hun I'm so glad & relieved both u & babs are ok. I hope you that you're taking it easy & enjoy the New year. Do they still not know what it was?

Lots of love & hugs XX
So, so pleased to know you and the baby are fine now.

And, just think what a wonderful Christmas you'll be having in 2011!!
sounds horrendous but glad u r both ok x


Plodding on.......
So sorry to hear about your experiences. But SO relieved that you are both ok.

Big hugs.

Gail x
I'm so sorry for how terrible you've felt (puts my annoying cold into perspective), but I'm glad to hear you're both alright and that you're starting to get better. Hope you don't have anymore traumas during the pregnancy.xxx
Big hugs being sent to you. What an awful thing to go through. Enjoy the New Year xx


Now to maintain.....
omg sounds awful!! what an awful christmas for you and joe when you were expecting such a lovely one! glad to hear everything is ok now xxx
Good heavens, what an utter nightmare for you - it must have been terrifying. Thank goodness that you're on the mend and all is well with baby. Time for some serious resting and recuperating now I think! Take care x
OMG you haven't half been through it hun, so sorry to hear you've been through so much when you should be starting to enjoy your pregnancy & Xmas. Glad you are on the mend & here's to a happy & healthy pregnancy xx

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