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Worst night of my life

This is not diet related at all but I am trying to keep calm and trying not to cry any more so am posting on here to stay sane.

My 19yr old son was in a car accident last night. I can't stop crying. He rang me from the car screaming that he had hit the back of another car, that his head was bleeding and that he could not get out. He lives in London and I'm in the North East so I felt even more helpless than ever. I asked him where he was but he just kept crying. The police took the phone from him and I was left for 40mins not knowing what had happened.

40 mins are a very, very long time.

He was cut out the car and taken to hospital and has been released today. He did not want me to go down and as he is an adult I have to respect that but staying here and crying is driving me insane. His dad still lives in London and he was with him last night. He said he is fine. Shaken, scared, bruised and battered but ok. The people in the other car are all ok.

I drank far more last night than I thought possible for one person and now feel that being thin is the last thing on my mind.

Sorry for the rant but I'm doing everything possible to keep myself sane and stop crying.
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o my god! no wonder your so upset, so sorry to hear he was involved in an accident. I hope your able to see him soon and that he has a quick recovery
Big hugs to you xxx
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Oh sweetheart I am so sorry to hear what happened, I had a similiar situation with my Mum a few years ago and I know how shaken I was. I hope you manage to speak or see him soon to reassure yourself that his is okay.



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Mrs Z..
Just wanted to send you big big hugs.. that must have been so so awful for you..
I am so so sorry to hear about your son.. I cant begin to imagine how you were feeling. especially being so far away and waiting for 40 mins to find out that must have been a lifetime..
Take care of yourself and I am sure your son will be on the mend and feeling better very soon.. and probably will be ready for you to go and see him.. xxxx
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Oh Mrs Z I am so sorry about your son ! So pleased he is ok tho and those 40 mins must have been so long, sending love and hugs your way xxx
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Sorry to hear this

He's in the best care now with experts which is all you can really hope for right now

Even though he is 19 , he's still your baby and I understand your pain being a mother to boys myself

At least he's ok

X x
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sorry to hear what a nightmare you had last night, can relate, my son was also involved in a RTA a few years back thank god all is well hope you see him soon (((hugs))))
:hug99:OMG - that 40 minutes must have felt like 40 days. Glad your son's OK



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OMG....so glad thats he's ok xoxox
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Thinking of you, must be a terrible thing to face. Hope you don't mind me saying but if you feel you need to go to see him, to put your mind at ease I'd just go anyway, you're his mother, sure he'd understand if you felt you needed to go. He may just be being 'polite' and not wanting to put you out. Better than being apart and feeling as terrible as you do. Hugs xx


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Hello Mrs Z

I well remember the absolute panic and distress I would hear in parents' voices when I had to speak to them as a hospital nurse, particularly those that explained they were many miles away from my London training hospital.
I am so relieved that your boy is out of hospital and being looked after. Hopefully some chats on the phone and maybe a visit will help to reassure you. I hope that you will also be able to forgive and forget your very understandable lapse and be able to pick up with CD again, remembering that a strong inspiration for so many of us is to be healthy and happy to fulfil our various family roles and responsibilities (daughters, mums, dads, carers etc)
Heartfelt good wishes x
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So sorry to hear the news but really glad that he is ok. That 40 mins must have been terrifying for you and your reaction was totally understandable. You son sounds like he is in good hands with his dad so now is the time to look after you...keep well and good luck.

Polly x
Thanks to everyone. Really, really. Thanks.

I feel so very stupid to still be crying now I know he is ok but last night was a very long night and I don't think I stopped shaking until about an hour ago.

I hope nobody here ever has to go through those 40 mins.

Thanks again to everyone.
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So sorry for what's happened. I am glad that your son is okxxx
sorry to hear about your son, at least his dad was close and you know he is ok. I too would go down to see him if you could, even if it was only for a few hours, I know its a long way, but seeing him would make you feel better, and I'm sure he would love to see you,


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So glad for you that your son is okay - you must have had an awful time over the last day or so. I think I'd be crying and shaking still too - it's difficult to put the worst possible outcomes out of your mind, and I imagine that the 40mins you had to wait must have been the worst 40mins in your life - so glad he's alright. I agree with someone above, I'd head down to London just to give him a hug!
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Hey Mrs Z

How awful for you,things like that are every parents worst nightmare. Glad to hear he has been discharged from hospital and at least there is some comfort in knowing that he is at least with his dad and not alone.
Am sending big hugs honey xxx
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I have no idea how you feel, but my mum does as I called her when I was in a car accident and she was hysterical. Admittedly we lived in the same area but I went 'missing' for about 2 hours as no one could locate what hospital I was sent to. She send her love as she knows how hard it is.

I hope he is ok, maybe go and see him in a couple of weeks and spend a bit of time together.

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