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wot will be???

:confused: well i dnt no wot this wk will bring:confused::confused::confused:
dad ad heart attack friday nite :wave_cry:still in hossy,mum in a state so were like headless chickens running bout ..LT seems the least of my worries & i must state it as been so ive fell off the wagon slightly .but got back on2 it 2day.Best think is mum got up this morning and sum scumbag as smashed dads car window + hit the bonnet wi sumot ..A##E WIPES..So we'l c how i get on at the wi in..:argh: can this wk get any worst(probably):sigh::sigh:
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Aww sorry to hear bout your dad hun how is he doing any better? dont worry about the slight slip anyone would have done in your case. if its not much off at wi dont worry just look onwards to next week it has to be a better week for you xx big hug coming your way xx


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Sorry to hear about you Dad. Hope he's on the mend.
Keep it together. I know its easier said than done but it will be so worth it in the end.
Your luck will turn around. Always does. Keep smiling:)
sorry to hear about your dad I hope he is recovering nicely at times like these just take it as it comes diet wise when your dad is back on the mend you can concentrate on LT

all the best to you and yours
Thanx ,he's doin ok suppose he's in best place ,was going 2 give it up this wk and start fresh next :(but theres no point,just got 2 get on with it .thanx agen:needhug:


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Sorry to hear about your Dad:hug99:

You have done very well to get back on the wagon so quickly!

It's not easy but you have done it.

Good luck with weigh in.

Love Mini xxx
Being ova weight isnt good 4 ya health even though dad isnt ,i suppose it makes me bite the bullet and clear the crap out of my system.thankx 4 all ys support x x:hide:


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Hope your Dad makes a speedy recovery,must be awful for you with all that worry!!! not surprised you slipped,but well done for getting back on it...Take care!!! BIG HUGS for you,your Mum & of course your Dad...Caz xx
hi hun,

hope your dads ok hun xxxx hugs to you all xxx
I hope you're dad's on the mend hun.

It's very hard to stick to any sort of diet when you've got so much going on, so hat's off to you for sticking with it, It will be worth it. x

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