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would it be possible to ....

swap my last shake of the night with a cup a soup? (not a cd soup)

I know nutrient wise it wouldn't be the best idea in the world but it would just be a one off.However if it would affect my weightloss i wouldnt do it.

I didn't order any cd soups for the first week as i didn't think i would like them, and surviving off chocolate milk sounded easy for me! Right now though im really craving something savoury and i am willing to swap my last shake for anything that i would be allowed!!!
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I thought that would be the answer! lol

owell worth a try!
Is there anything that i could have? how about a stock cube mixed with water? HELP im gonna turn into a shake.

As i say though i want to lose weight more than i want to cheat. But since im relatively new i thought some of you might no a few cheats that don't affect weight loss?

heres hoping! lol


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I'm really fortunate in that I can have oxo cubes as a savoury alternative, I don't like the CD soups, and not overly fond of the sachet shakes, so all I have are the choc tetras, which I love. I have on average about 1 cube a day, but like I said, it doesn't effect my ketosis. It can also make you crave other foods, so only have it if you're strong enough to not eat anything else. This is only what I do, and not recommended by CD, it might be worht speaking to your CDC first though.


Order the CD savoury drink - normal stock cubes will be too high in salt giving you a false gain on scales due to salt/water retention.


Oh I would also say that there are no such things as cheats that dont affect weight loss.

Alright people might say "X doesnt affect me" or "I ate Y and still lost 3lbs" but at the end of the day what doesn't affect them might affect you and they might have lost 3lbs but they could have lost 3.5 or 3.25. I know which I'd rather have, and I speak from experience, I have cheated but I have paid for it on the scales.
You're advice is great guys, and I totally agree with you all, but I think Miss Mallow is looking for something to have NOW! lol! xxx
You guys are all right!
Just had a choc mint shake which was lovely but i'll definitely be ordering soups next time, guess my tooth isn't as sweet as i thought it was!
end of day 7 and haven't cheated, although i'll admit i am finding it pretty difficult!

Thanks every1 for helping me keep on track! x
You're advice is great guys, and I totally agree with you all, but I think Miss Mallow is looking for something to have NOW! lol! xxx
you got it! lol

Nah, im glad i was bullied out of a we cheat!haha
just clocked my sister having a cup a soup that smelt sooo good! and thought 'hmm maybe that wouldn't be so bad'
But turns out it wudda been! xxx


you've done so well up to now! Well done!

Def get yourself some CD savoury drink.
well done miss mallow, it is very hard when you feel like that, I know. I must admit, I like the soups more than the shakes. I use one vanilla shake a day as 'dried milk' for my coffee, have a veg stock drink at lunchtime, a soup when I get in and a soup when the family eat. Seems to work for me! xxxxx good luck hun

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