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would it be really wrong to.......

...go for a short 15min jog whilst on ss?

I know CD say it's a big no no, but I really want to start slowly training for a charity event this spring, and have been running over Christmas to compensate for my terrible naughtiness.

I'm on SS again now, and have just been out for a blast, no dizziness or other signs of hypoglycaemia, I always run with both dog and fiance just in case. Has anyone else had experience of this?

I just feel so out of shape if I just sit inside and do nothing.

If I'm honest, a 15min jog can't be too much different to a very energetic session in the sack, can it..........................or is that just me..........ooops (hides face in shame)!! :eek:
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I think if you are usually an active person then a 15minute jog will be fine. Surely its important to be fit as well as slim.


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You may need an extra pack. I've had differing advice on the same thing as I'm training for a 10k in July and will be running 3 times a week from next week and have been told I need a minimum of 1 pack extra, but my CDC also told me to have chicken breast before the workout (which I can't do as I workout at 11am and that isn't going to work for me) and one CDC said I should move to the 1200 plan.

Last time I was on SS I was heavily training to be an aerobics instructor and managed quite happily on 4 packs per day on the training sessions...each session was over 1hr and I worked like a demon! My joints paid the price after a few months though (may not have been CD related or not) so I am currently investigating whether extra nutrients/glucosamine are needed while on SS and heavily exercising...if I get any answers I'll let you know!

Thanks - Joe


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I play hockey weekly and don't always have anything extra.
I sometimes will have an extra pack or chicken salad if I feel I need it
Fab, just as I thought really. Going for a run makes me feel really 'well' all part of the brand new me, so thrilled that I can keep it up. If I'm stuggling I'll have an extra pack, but it hasn't been an issue so far.
Have put a little back on over christmas (And in denial so not altered ticker yet!), but yes getting close. CDC hasn't mentioned moving up the plans yet, but I guess I am about BMI 25 plus 1stone.


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Then I'd start moving up if I were you..... apparently the science is that you'll now start burning muscle mass rather than body fat - which is definitely not what you want, especially if you want to be out there exercising too!

My CDC didn't tell me that either - she said I could SS to target. From what I'd read on here that didn't ring true so I pm'd LindaCDC - who put me straight. There's a sticky on it somewhere :)

Deb G

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I am SS on Lighterlife and have been running (30 mins 3x a week) and doing my endurance riding (which even on a short ride used up 27,000 'steps' according to my pedometer. I think that's why I've lost so quickly and stayed toned up. If you would NORMALLY do it, then I don't see how it can hurt - but obviously you'll need to stop if you get dizzy or faint!
Wow, endurance, now that's got to burn some energy.

We stick to sedate dressge, with a very occasional bit of show jumping or hunter trialling.

I think I burn more calories mucking out & lugging haybales etc everyday than I actually do riding though.

Glad to know others are surviving and doing this. Deb G, when did you stop sole sourcing (not sure what you call it on LL) as there seems to be a few discrepancies between what my CDC has planned for me, and what everyone else on CD does! I'll happily SS to goal, but officially should've stopped a few pounds ago?

Deb G

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Hi ponypony......have to admit dressage terrifies me - my 17hh exracer thinks pony-dancing is beneath him and usually leave the arena halfway through.....with OR without me!!!!! Endurance is SOOOOOO much easier by comparison - and great for getting fit!! I agree re the mucking out - its like a full body workout at 6am - and in the summer I run to the yard and back too (about 3 miles total).

I am still Sole Sourcing (4 foodpacks a day). With LL we set our own goal as long as it is within the healthy BMI parameters. I set mine as 9 stone, and I am just over a stone away from it. Once we're at the weight we want to be, we go into Management which is a 12 week programme where you slowly reduce your foodpacks and introduce food groups one at a time. This helps you identify your triggers and readjust to eating a healthy diet. For example, in Week 1 of Management you have 3 foodpacks a day plus a meal of just protein. Week 2 its protein and salad etc.....

I should be entering management about mid-February. I want to be eating for my holiday in February as its mountain climbing in Scotland, so I'll enter management then even if I am a few pounds off target. You tend to lose weight still in the first few weeks of management, so if I'm not at goal then, I will be in a few weeks.

Avatar photo is me and Malachy at the Northern Championships this year (BEFORE diet!!).
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Wow, he is a stunning chap! And to get to the Northern Champs you must be pretty flippin' good.

I could probably run home from the stables, but geting there is up an almighty steep bank that I think I'd struggle to walk up at the moment. My fitness is definately a work in progress.

I have to say i'm very confused about when to stop SSing - I'd really like to do it all the way to goal, but will see what CDC says. I can't see how it can be so unhealthy to carry on till goal (Like a lot of CD people say it is) if LLers can do it. Hmmmm..........

Deb G

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Yeah - not 100% sure how CD works, but as I say, it is pretty standard with LL from what I can gather!

Re the running - I live on a fell in Cumbria so I have to do hills in ALL directions - really helps with my trot work though - all that rising trot in endurance takes its toll on the knees unless you keep running up the hills! Great for keeping Mal fit too!!

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