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Wow at long last

I have drank nearly 5 litres of water.
Because i was not at home i bought 2x 1.5 litre bottles poured some flavoured powder in the bottles before i knew it i drank 1 bottle, then another and i early have demolished a 2 litre bottle that will be it for the night.
God save Evian..I obviously could not et on with cold tap water, i like luke warm water.:D
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Before i hardly drank. Then when i started drinking i could not manage 4 pints...today i have done 5 litres a world record for me!
My LL "counsellor" told us 2 litres is enough, as previously they said to drink 4, but have since been told that to drink 4 or more isn't good, and to drink too much isn't good for you, which I've also read in health guidelines.
My LLC said i need to drink 4 litres, wish they would make there minds up.
4 litres is just right if you can manage it. It only becomes a health problem if you drink more than 10 litres a day so don't worry!
You'll find if you drink more your weight will come off quicker too. I always find I have rubbish weeks when I've not had my 4 a day. Not sure how it works but it does!
Well done and try and keep drinking- your skin will start to look amazing too. I look like I've been airbrushed!
Thanks roundrachael, or not so round rachael;)
Yes im goin to carry on drinking 4. As that is what i have been advised and i want to lose lots and lots of weight
My skin feels smoother already
yes, 4 litres works best fro me too

Hi Lynn
I tried reducing the water when they changed the guidelines, but soon went back to 4 litres a day. It seems just right.:party0027:
Thanks LS. Yes im sticking to 4, im enjoying drinking it now, yes i need to finish earlier, tho i was fine last night did not get out of bed for pp.
I'm finding as the days go on I'm feeling thirstier, not sure if its because I'm in ketosis. I drank 6 litres yesterday, was in and out of the loo all day though, plenty of exercise up and down the stairs:).
Well done! I have to go down the shop soon to get my water. Should go in a minute really, but its tooo cold outside..lol.
i'm the same minime. I get thristy all the time if I don't have my daily 4 litres or more. Plus my breath starts to smell too if I don't drink enough. It's the best way to avoid such a lovely side effect!


Fighting Demons....
I know I need to drink more water. I just get to the point where I just can't take any more!!! I'm working on it though!

Mmmm. Coffee and Vanilla shake. . . .

B x


nearly there!! :)
i drink about 5litres a day not including my shakes!! i buy the 5 litre bottles in my shopping weekly cause need my water freezing!!
well done lynn on getting through the 5!! i have in the last couple of nights been getting up TWICE during the night and each time my bladders at busting point...even though i drink most my water during the day!! which is crappy haha
I went before i went to bed, and i was fine all night, but was busting when my man woke me this morning, hehe

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