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Wow I can see my ceasearn scar !!!!


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hey all
Hope everyone is doing well today..
Well I used to hate looking in the mirror and over the last few weeks I have started actually looking in the mirror and quite liking what I see lol.......

Today I noticed that I can actually see my ceasearean (sp?) scar without hitching up my stomach!!! Really happy....... sounds sad I know but its just these funny things you notice.... I have two boys very close in age they are 2 and 3 .. so my problem was I did not get the chance to lose the weight in between well that was my excuse anyway!!!

Im happy ... Keep it going everyone .. and be happy X
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Its the small victories!

Keep at it, your ticker is looking amazing and you're obviously doing really well
Hey Curly,
I am sitting here smiling now... I had two caesarians and have never really seen my scar without hitching up my flab....
Never thought it could be something to celebrate and yet I am now really excited about that event.... I have a set of private goals ;) not on my siggy.. but this one will be going onto it!
Just looked at your record and you had a smiliar amount to lose as I do... You have had fabulous results!! I would be a very very happy bunny if I could lose more than 2 stone in 7 weeks... well done!
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Hey Tilly
I am glad I made you :) smile.... it was a funny one but I was really happy when I saw it today.. lol... it was a really great feeling..

Yes we did have similar amount to lose..
You will do it.... if you stick to it you cant not lose the weight....

Good luck.......... xx
Thats really great! Your weight loss is fab, well done!
I have had 2 sections, and I have the most unsightly 'overhang' and Im noticing it getting worse as I loose weight. Its over a year since I had my last section and it is still red and angry, cant wait to get rid of some of that flab.
Bio oil is great for scarring.... Mine is very feint now, but you need to apply it everyday for ages to make a difference.
Also have read that if you have lose skin anywhere, loads of water will help the skin to snap back but it could take up to a year for things to tighten... not sure if anyone can confirm or deny this?


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I did use bio-oil with my first pregnancy and still got stretch marks so did not bother to much with my second... i have noticed that my stretch marks are getting fainter but can still see them.... I think once we all lose what we want to or on our way there its a matter of toning up and hopefully the loose skin will tone up...
Isn't it funny how the "little" things spur you on!! Well I didn't have a c-section I had a natural birth but did have twins who were 7lb 9 and 4lb 9 so my stomach got rather stretched! :rolleyes:

This has left me with a lovely (not) overhang too :sigh: not pretty BUT, I'm not even at the end of my first week and I am noticing a difference already :bliss::D

Yesterday and today I have honestly felt like jacking it all in, I've been soooooooo tired :4635: but have managed to hang on in there..... my weigh in is Monday and I am trying to take it a day at a time.


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wow fatblaster how old are your twins.. there weights were very different .. are they identical?

Dont jack it in sounds like you have been doing really well. Hang in there .. you can do it!!! Its hard but so worth it when you see the results.. x
Is it wrong of me to titter and at these posts as I am sooooo glad that I am not the only one with the apron belly - I HATE it!!!! Like you fatblaster, I have just completed my first week and also notice a difference - woohoo!!! keep up the good work!!


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OMG Ginstar........wow 16 lbs lost in 1 week you must have been over the moon.. I bet you have noticed a difference already!! thats amazing.. Keep up the fab work
Thanks curlywurly - am chuffed and sooooo glad the lovely peeps on this site suggested getting the porridge, mmmmmm xxx
Wow 16lbs in a week, :eek: well done you!!!
My twins are 4 1/2 now (so the I've just had twins excuse is wearing thin! :rolleyes: ) They're not identical I have a boy and a girl, the boy was and still is the heaviest!
Thanks - believe me I have a lot to lose - a hell of a lot more than the first goal of 86lb I have set myself!!
Just read the other posts and found myself giggling....
We could have a C-scar gallery..... only trouble is, the befores wouldn't look to pretty!! My over hang right now is more than a handfull to lift out of the way.. funny isn't it that ours drapes down but often men just get round?? I have a large friend and he has a very big belly but it is just very large and firm... whereas mine is just saggy and well disgusting... (but not for much longer)

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