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Wow! NSV!


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I was just chatting with some locals and one of them took me to one side and asked me out! They said I was looking curvy and sexy now. :eek: I had to say no as I prefer my close friends to remain friends but it made me feel good.
I haven't weighed for a while but I have noticed big changes. My clothes are looser and will be replaced soon. Lol. I am full of energy and love how I feel! My boobs don't seem to be getting smaller and I had hoped they would. Grrrr. I do have a waist now though. :D
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Congratulations- savour how you feel and remember it next time temptation rears its ugly head!


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Well done - enjoy the compliments:D


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Nice one! :)
aaaawwwww! That's so lovely!
what's 'NSV'? Sorry. :(
should i get a hat ????!!! xx


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More information please :)


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The text, I only do man boobs


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The text, I only do man boobs
Result :D

Basically this girl has been making it quite obvious to a friend of mine (Adam) that she wants me...God knows why but i'll get on with the story. My friend then apparently accused her of being in love with me which she denied.

Anyway, last night she texted me. Convo went like this via texts:

Her: i've been thinking about life
Me: what about it?
H: about you
M: what about me?
H: maybe Adam was right
M: right about what? (playing dumb here)
H: about us

More random texts were exchanged and the subject changed. She asked what I had been doing, I said reading. She asked what I read. I said mainly diet books because that's my main aim in life and she texted back 'and then you're going to marry me :p' and it all started again.

Ended with me tactfully saying I didn't really want a gf at this point, that I feel like i've missed out on a normal young person's life and just wanted to get to goal and have some fun...

She replied saying that was ok and I should do that and enjoy life. Haven't heard from her since.

Feel a bit of a prick really. That old me is still in there and saying things like 'oh so you don't think she's good enough for you? Who the hell are you to judge people?'

The worst thing is she seemed to think it was certain that i'd say yes.

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