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Wow!!! Things I wish I'd been brave enough to try with tetras before!!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
For breakfast this morning (well, it was about half 9ish after I'd dropped h2b in to work for half 7 and then walked the dog!) I had a frozen banana tetra... I froze them in the pack - it "peels" off really easily (so dont worry about putting it in a bowl to freeze it if space is tight in your freezer!) and popped it in the microwave for 30 seconds to defrost it a little - it was GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Took ages to eat (like 30 minutes!) and I actually felt really full afterwards!!! So have put some chocolate ones in the freezer now - will have one for tea!

Also had a hot chocolate one for lunch - microwaved for 40 seconds and topped up with hot water - it really really does taste like hot chocolate... And I am as fussy as when it comes to hot choc - I only ever buy good quality stuff (like green and blacks etc) and have it really strong.. So for me to like it - it honestly tasted like a really nice hot choc!!

Am back on SS for a week - so think these are going to make it easier than the last week of SS I did recently!!
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Yummy I might try the hot choc later. Also had a frozen one for breakfast, was a nice start to the day :)


Wants to be a yummy mummy
lol - thought it was only me who had frozen tetras for brekkie, glad I'm not alone!!

Do try the chocolate one hot later - you'll love it!!
Haha nah you're not alone! I tend to do that at the weekends, before work I just down a tetra for the quickness (I'm always rushing around and running late!)

Definitely going to give it a go, if not today I might look forward to one for brekki tomorrow. Sounds lush :) thanks for the tip!!!
i love both these things. had a frozen choc tetra for my brekkie too! i normally leave them to defrost for an hour tho rather than mic 'em.
Thats something I want to try too as normally I micro them. I must say though, I didn't let it defrost in anyway what so ever today. Just scraped away it lasted agesss! :)


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, just had the chocolate one... fabulous!!

Doesn't quite need 30 seconds to defrost in the microwave though.. Am sure 15 seconds would have done, possibly even only 10... Obviously a little softer than banana... ;)


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Why not try a "Mochaccino"??!!!!:gimi:

Make yourself a mug of black coffee, then pour half a ChocVelvet carton into it!! Heavenly!!!:drool:
If you've got a HUGE mug, or really large black coffee from Starbucks etc, then you could pour a full carton in!
Not sure if this is an old idea, but it the latest craze to sweep my clients, and my sponsored counsellors clients too!! Scrummy yummy!! No blending involved, and your cartons don't even have to be chilled to do this one!
Yay!:bliss: Handy if you're out 'n about!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Sounds a really nice idea!! Sadly I dont drink coffee but I will certainly pass it on to my friends!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I don't drink coffee either hun, but love the smell of fresh ground coffee, and like choc coffee creams. I had a sip to try it, and must admit, I can see why the coffee lovers love it!! It was one of my new CDC's who told me about it, she's addicted to them!
It's totally upped my sales in ChocVelvet even more! Didn't think that was possible!!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
lol.. I must admit the only two flavours I buy are the chocvelvet and banana shake.. And am quite happy just with those two!!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Have you tried making ChocVelvet or Banana Bliss as a mousse (using Mix-A-Mousse)??:drool:
It's really yummy, very filling, and keeps alot longer in the fridge if you can't finish it off in one sitting!
CHWP haven't tested what happens if you leave the tetra-mousse in the fridge after the usual deadline to eat, so they won't back the idea, but no ill-effects have been reported to date, and because it's made with long life skimmed milk you should be fine to do this on occasion! I sometimes have half in evening, then eat the other half for breakfast!
Also try half of each, and make a ChocBanana mousse! MMmmmmmmm..........!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
I haven't actually, I'm not seeing my cdc again until the 25th June but will definiately get some mixamousse then!!


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Yo Helly woo!
Sorry only just replied to your email I have been revising!
Whats all this about frezzing the tetras?
Are they really that easy to peel off after AND how to you micro them? they have foil in them don't they?:confused:


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Hiya you!!!

Thank you for ya email!!!

Yeah, just stick them in the freezer in the box - cut off the "wings" on the top and then you can peel the top apart.. The box just peels off really easily because of the foil.. You then microwave it in the bowl (not the packet! :) )


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Oh my god, just had a frzen banana one with nutmeg on top - that is absolutely, 100%, the nicest thing I've had so far on cd...

ooo sounds nice, loving all the different ideas, ive been doing ss now for my 2nd wk about to start my third, and im so fussy that the tetras are starting to get boring. Now i think ill try a hot choc one would be the perfect fix when im at work and everyone is drinking hot choc from the machine.
Sophie x


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Honestly, try it sophie!!

h2b tried it this morning too - even he said it was absolutely gorgeous!!

(as in he tried a sip of mine, he's not on CD!!)
can you freeze these for too long, i put one in freezer last night in a tub with a lid on, got it out this morning to defrost while i went shopping and it was vile, taste was nice but it was just like ice, not ice cream!
Have i done something wrong? id appreciate some help as i got 7 altogether for 2 weeks supply and dont fancy going back to change them :confused:


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I think it is just the water element that crystalises and makes them not fully creamy.

Frozen malt toffee bars are lovely too, cut them up and stick them in the freezer - makes them like proper toffee.

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