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Wow! What a voice


Gone fishing
It was there, but then it vanished :( Seems to now be having trouble connecting to the youtube site :(

Try this link

YouTube - vitas - zvezda

Be warned...it is in Russian. Catchy little number though.


Gone fishing
And now it's gone again :D Just like being at the pantomime:D


Radix lecti
very good

reminds me of that blue alien in the film with bruce willis - bet you know exactly what i mean :D:D
i think it was called the fifth element - she/it had a fantastic voice as well


Gone fishing

are the funny gill things what makes him sing that high??
Vocal chords...yeah :)

can I ask KD...what on earth were you searching for that came up with that?!:confused:
I was doing some research on castration:eek: Needed to give a lesson on Baroque music which definitely needs some mention of the castrati. Just needed to check on something and suddenly found this guy mentioned. Nope he's not a castrato;) But anyway, you might be interested to know a bit about castrati as it's quite fascinating

In the Baroque perion (sort of 1600-1750), as women weren't allowed to sing in the church choir, the choir master picked the best boy soprano singers and recommended them for castration, to preserve their high voices. As this boys grew, they voices became quite unique. Very powerful with a huge vocal range.

Unfortunately many of the boys died, but if they survived, the lack of testoterone caused them to grow very tall, but with very small penis's. As they couldn't produce sperm, ladies would often use them as a convenient form of birth control :D

Sounds awful you might think, but the castrati were equal to our superstars. They were powerful and worshipped by the ladies. It was an honour to be allowed to be one:cool:...cool (I think:eek:)

Anyway, the teens like the history, so I include it. Livens up the Baroque lessons :D


Gone fishing
Oh! I see what you mean! Umm. Been trying to find out what they are. Might have to learn Russian first.

My first thoughts was that they were fake, but evidently he used to always wear a scarf around his neck, and now doesn't...so I'm wondering if he was trying to cover them in his early years. Dunno. Odd aren't they.


Gone fishing
Reckon it was just makeup, can't see the gills on this one...not that I looked for long. Busy busy


Silver Member
As close to a castrato as yer going to find.



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