Wow you are so pretty?

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  1. Zoe.D

    Zoe.D loving life

    Was the comment I got yesterday -well was I ugly before I lost weight :eek: lol

    Has anybody else had strange reactions from people they havn't seen in a while since weight loss? I know they mean well but some reactions are shocking :p

    I wouldn't have recognised you, you look so well :eek: Is another one

    I must have looked like crap before ;)
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  3. Milsey-Girl

    Milsey-Girl Full Member

    LOL, I've had the ' I wouldn't have recognised you' comment but another common one is looking me up and down whilst talking to me but not actually saying anything! I know what they are thinking but they sometimes just don't say it:confused:

    In the past when people said to me 'You look well', I used to think they meant I look fat. Now, when people say 'You look well' I take it as a compliment that I actually do look well:character00238:
  4. devilishandsweet

    devilishandsweet 100% all the way!

    very good comment! be proud! xxx
  5. Mrs Z

    Mrs Z Gold Member

    The one that makes me laugh the most is the women who look at you and pretend you have not lost a single ounce. They look you up and down then ask "did you buy a new dress, something changed?".

    Hmmmm. Green eyed monster flicks accross my eyes!

    Keep going with your weight-loss Zoe-D. Well done!
  6. The Rose

    The Rose Rosie

    LOL !!!
    Or "Have you had your hair done" Yeah right:D
  7. Claudine004

    Claudine004 Oh Yea!

    You don't really realise what a fattist society we really live in until you begin to lose the weight. Scary really!

    When you begin to see how people notice you or treat you differently. You become more acceptable.

    Of course you may lose some freinds along the way......... theres some jealous Bi*ches out there.. :giggle:
  8. babycake

    babycake Please kick my butt!!

    It the really condersending skinny ones that do my swede. "You have worked really hard, dont let yourself down now" AAARRRGGGHHH (clencing fist so i dont slap them). another classic one is "got its years since i've seen you that size, are you happier with yourself now". If i'm honest and truely honest i am happier when i'm big, i'm doing CD for my health and my kids.
  9. onlyme!

    onlyme! is a naughty girl...

    I walked into the pub the other day and all I got was....OMG your boobs are massive. have they grown? umm no I have just shrunk!
  10. Jaycey

    Jaycey Post-Menopausal Maniac!

    I get this a lot! One of the most common is, "you've turned into a different person!" - I bet CD didn't know the diet could do that, lol! :D It's when you go to a gathering of friends who you haven't seen for a while - that's when you get surrounded by cries of "amazing!", "fabulous!", etc. - personally I can't get enough of it! :eek: We are now dressing to suit our new shapes of course, so it's a double whammy for friends ('tent-woman' suddenly turns up in a bodycon dress - OK, extreme example but you get the idea, lol! ;)).

    The fact is that when I look back at my 'before' pix, I DID look crap before! Or crap compared to how I look now anyway - that's the bottom line really. :eek:

    (One of the best compliments I had was when we went round to a friend's house, and him and his mates started teasing my hubby, saying things like, "you'd better keep on your toes, matey - she'll be off at this rate!" - obviously it was all in fun, but I think it DID make him sit up a bit! ;) And who doesn't like a bit of male admiration?!)
    Last edited: 13 August 2009
  11. lunar jim

    lunar jim Gold Member

    Yeah, I had a stone and a half cut off it :rolleyes:
  12. Lexy1972

    Lexy1972 Full Member

    An interesting thread......... I've had the following comments:

    Wow, you look amazing, stunning actually.......

    You've gone from a 10 pints a girl to a 1 pint :confused::confused::confused: it did actually make me laugh!

    You look about 5-10 years younger :D

    Stop now, you look better with a little bit of meat on you...... (yeah right, notice it's always slim people that say that to you)!!! :mad:

    I SOOOOOO would...........;)

    The best thing about you losing weight is the happiness, confidence and sexiness is oozing from you (my best mate) :D:D:D

  13. Jaycey

    Jaycey Post-Menopausal Maniac!

    I've had the "you look a lot younger" one too, but bearing in mind that I've always been told that anyway, I must look practically like a teenager now, lol!! :D:D (Bit of wishful thinking there! :eek: :rolleyes:)
  14. onlyme!

    onlyme! is a naughty girl...

    I have a friend who doesnt like telling me I look thinner because she thinks she will actually be insulting me by saying I was fat before, my reply....I was and I still am!
  15. DizzyFlowers

    DizzyFlowers Full Member


    my nan and grandad always talk about my weight, my nan says 'youve always been a BIG girl' and pats my chunky leg!and my grandad just bluntly says on the phone..'have you sorted your weight yet?' lol. (wen my son was a week old he said 'youve got the hard bit done, now you can sort your weight out'...lovely)

    but i dont take it to heart and cannot wait to see wat they say to me wen im all slim!! i prob wont see them untill xmas so i should be a good bit smaller by then!!!

    cannnnnt waiiiiit!

  16. eyeontheprize

    eyeontheprize can see the end in sight!

    ummm i have had loads! the classic double take when someone hasn't seen you in ages.

    ''you look fab/amazing/incredible etc''

    ''you look like a different person'' ''you're half the size you were'' ''i wouldnt have recognised you'' etc etc. i love all these, can't get enough - unless it's from someone i don't like, makes me uncomfortable! i enjoy it mostly though. and one of the ladies at work told me her girlfriend thought i was fit which i was pretty happy with, even if i dont swing that way!

    i love the male attention too, even though i'm off the market... but i don't like how people seem to talk to me more now i am not so big as it is almost like i wasn't worth bothering with before!

    the most insulting was ''have you had a gastric band?'' or ''dont lose any more, you will lose it off your face'' which is also annoying.
  17. Zoe.D

    Zoe.D loving life

    Interesting to hear all the different comments we have all had. I agree it's nice to get the attention if not a little laughable sometimes with the way they express it. Either way be proud girls - we deserve it.

    Eyeontheprize I so hate that too, that the people who never gave you the time of day before wil now grace us with their attention. As long as we stay the same on the inside that's all that matters.

  18. lunar jim

    lunar jim Gold Member

    EOTP you looks like a newsreader in your new avatar pic :D
  19. chickenpie

    chickenpie Cambridge Diet Councellor

    Lets face it we are a shallow society! Some people really hate it when others have done really well and lost loads of weight, because it makes them feel bad about themselves. A condfident person will always be thrilled and say how great you look, but an insecure one will make negative comments.
    I have had a few comments, quite a lot in the last week actually, even though I have been this weight for about 2 months now!
    One of my customers asked if I'd been on a diet, I said yes Cambridge, she seemed to know what this was and was really impressed when I told her I am now a cdc! Then she said, now don't be getting anorexic.....
    My OH's uncle hadn't seen me for a while and he said I was disappearing!
    My Dad now tells my Mum shes got to have a word with me as I am looking gaunt, not likely, he is a drama queen though!
    Now I am a cdc my Mum and sister want to start the plan too!!
  20. chickenpie

    chickenpie Cambridge Diet Councellor

    whoops! Others have said not to loose anymore but I will be the judge of that not them!
  21. Mrs Z

    Mrs Z Gold Member

    To be honest, when I first started this diet journey I never expected to lose enough for people to be able to tell.

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