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ww advice

Hi there - in terms of differences to SW..

You have points allocated for food each day - look on the sticky to work out how many points you would have

All foods have a points value based on their calories/sat fat content - if you don't go to class, then buy a points calculator off the internet - great for going shopping

No foods are "off limits" as long as you have the points for them - makes eating out a bit easier - there is an eating out guide you can buy too which helps a lot - although people on here can always help you with points.

Portion sizes are generally smaller as you have to "pay" for everything with your points so if you like the freedom of eat what you want - then SW is definitely easier

You can earn activity points which you can either bank (to have a higher weight loss) or eat....

Fruit is not free on WW - but it is very low point.

I find that if your head is in the right place, then WW is a great diet. There are some great success stories on here.

Good luck xx
I like ww better than sw it teaches you portion control which is where I had problems


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i think that is my problem and i am down to a fourteen now and my weight loss just seems to have stopped i feel like i need to limit my portions more.
It's always worth giving it a go, I haven't personally tried sw so can't really compare the two diets together. I don't go to meetings I just do it myself from home. As mentioned you can buy the shopping guide and eating out guide off the net- I got mine off eBay as well as the calculator. You can have whatever you want as long as you have the points value for the item.

Try this website for general point ideas

Hi I moved from SW which I loved as i stopped losing weight for 4 weeks and then started to cheat as i was fed up. Looking back, the problem was portion control. I came onto WW and very quickly started losing weight again BUT it is harder than SW as there are no free foods (apart form some veg), and I love my fruit! Good luck, give it a go as it does work!


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If you have hit a plateau, it's worth a go. Stephen recently joined this section. Have a read about his journey. He's doing really well, lost alot of weight, and when he has reached those long awful plateau's, he's kick-started his weightloss by switching diet. It's worked for him

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