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WW esource anyone?

Does anyone have it?

I used to have it, but cancelled my membership last year. There used to be a database on there where you could type in a food and it came up with the points value...I'm trying to find out if Asda's Cheese and Chilli dip is on there. I got hooked on it over xmas and want to know how many points I'd need to save up to have it as a treat, heehee

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Oh, boo hoo :(

I don't know that cals and sat fat, I threw away the packaging.

Oh well, I suppose I'll just have to buy some more and find out, heehee!

Thanks for looking me me though Cheryl, I really appreciate it! x
Oh, it is nice Paula, is absolutely ruddy delicious! My sis got me hooked on it. She and her boyfriend live on nibbles like crisps and dips (yet she's still only a size 12, the b*t*h, haha) and when she first got it I thought it looked and sounded gross!!.....until I tasted some! Yuuuuummmmmmy! With chilli kettle chips! Mmmmmmmmmm!!! (Can you maybe now see how I gained so much weight over xmas? Lol!).

A whole tub of it is 10 points, so if I can save enough points for a big bag of Doritos or something, I might just sit in an eat that on Friday night instead of my takeaway. Heehee, not very healthy, but hey, if it's within my points...lol.
Haha, me too! Actually, my ideal Friday night would also include a Domino's pizza, a bottle of wine and a large bar of Galaxy or Lindt chocolate, but I don't think I have enough points in a whole week to cover that lot, so the dip and crisps will have to do, lol!
Now I don't like dominos pizza ... I prefer balti or chinese!

Lindt ......... mmmmmmmm ........... someone brought me those lindt balls for xmas ... OH MY GOD HOW DELICIOUS WERE THEY!

OMG!!!! You don't like Domino's pizza?!!!!

I dont know what to say to that....I wasn't sure I should speak to you anymore, someone who doesnt support Domino's isn't usually the kind of person I can associate myself with, BUT, you saved yourself with the Lindt balls comment (they are my absolute all time fav choc!!!!) - so for that, I am willing to overlook the Domino's issue, hahaha!


is gonna shine in 2009
omg reading this thread was like porn for foodies lol i'm now drooling!!

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